IRB Policies and Procedures

The primary goal of the IRB is to ensure the safety and welfare of human subjects in research and scholarly projects.

The Institutional Review Board (IRB) is responsible for ensuring compliance with the exacting federal requirements that govern ALL research with human subjects (whether funded externally, or not), unless they meet specific criteria for exemption.

It is the IRB's goal to assist faculty to conduct successful studies with human subjects, by helping them meet the criteria for IRB approval. The IRB also seeks to limit liability for LSU as a by-product of protecting subjects.

All projects must be submitted to the IRB Office for approval or exemption (with a copy of the grant proposal if external funding is sought), using standard forms and guidelines available on request. In no event may a project with human subjects begin before written exemption, or written IRB approval is received.

Non-exempt projects must be reviewed and approved at a convened meeting of the IRB, except for certain minimal risk projects that qualify for an expedited review performed by one or more IRB members.

Major protocol changes of existing protocols approved at full review also require full review.

Projects must be re-reviewed by the IRB no more than 365 days after approval (at a full IRB meeting if the original approval required full IRB review), even if the start date of the research is postponed. The IRB office will issue requests for a progress report in advance of the review date; continued approval will be contingent on an adequate response.

All inquiries for the IRB should be directed to Dr. Dennis Landin, Chair at (225) 578-8692, 130 David Boyd Hall, LSU.