IRB Applications

Please note that exemptions and developmental approvals take about two weeks to process.  Regular approvals take from one to two months depending on if it requires full board approval or if it can be expedited.

Completed applications should be submitted by email to the IRB Office or one of the Human Subjects Screening Committee members for research that may be exempted.

Regular Application (Expedited or Full Review)

  • If you know that your study does not qualify for an exemption, use this application.
  • Completed applications should be submitted by email to the IRB Office. Please allow ample time for review of the application (one to two months).
  • If you think your study needs full board approval, submit it to the IRB no less than 5 days prior to the next meeting.
  • Continuation Applications should be submitted by email to the IRB Office no later than two months before the date of expiration.
  • Regular Applications (Expedited or Full Review Applications) expire annually.
  • Exemption Applications expire three years from the date of approval.  The project will automatically be closed by the IRB on the expiration date unless the PI requests an extension.

Modification of Approved Studies

Modification requests should be submitted to the IRB Office by email. In the email, include a description of the proposed modification and attach any study materials that are new or being revised.

  • Adverse events and/or unexpected problems should be submitted to the IRB office by email as the event occurs.
  • The adverse event form will need to be submitted along with a revised consent form (if applicable).

Download Forms

Download the appropriate IRB application form.

Application for Exemption

Regular Application

Continuation Application for Approved Studies