Limited Submission Guidelines

Some funding opportunities and agency programs limit the number of submissions a university can submit for consideration. This includes both science (e.g., NSF, NIH) and non-science (e.g., NEH, NEA) agencies.  

Grant opportunities that fall into this category are considered "Limited Submissions." These programs require the institution to internally screen applications and determine which proposals will be submitted. At LSU, this responsibility lies with the Office of Research & Economic Development.


When limited submission programs come to the attention of ORED at LSU, the relevant program data is posted on our Internal Grants & Competition Portal and distributed via our electronic mailing lists and the ORED Funding Opportunities Newsletter.

Should a researcher identify a limited opportunity of interest that has not yet been announced by ORED, it is the responsibility of the researcher to notify ORED. Please contact with the name of the competition and a link to or PDF of the funding announcement as soon as possible. 

Letter of Intent

ORED requires an internal Letter of Intent (LOI) for all limited submission programs. To submit a LOI for upcoming limited submission opportunities, please visit the Internal Grants & Competition Portal . The LOI must include:

  • PI Information: Name, telephone, email, college and/or department
  • Descriptive Title of the Project
  • List of Other Participating Institutions
  • List of Co-PIs and Senior Key Investigators: List co-PIs and senior/key investigators and their affiliation, including college and department for all LSU personnel.
  • Abstract: 3 or 4 sentences or bullet points that provide an overview of the objective of your proposed research, how you plan to do it, and the expected outcome.

Internal Pre-proposal

If the number of LOIs exceed the sponsor’s limitation, an invitation to submit an internal pre-proposal will be sent soon thereafter, along with its deadline. Faculty should email if they submitted an LOI and did not receive an invitation to submit an internal pre-proposal since the email may have been filtered. Faculty should check their spam filters before contacting ORED.

Pre-proposals will be due shortly after the pre-proposal invitation is sent. They should consist of the following:

  1. A summary of the proposed project, up to 2 pages (single spaced) in length. Thesummary should address the key criteria of the funding announcement. For instance,summaries for NSF projects should include discussion of Intellectual Merit and BroaderImpacts.
  2. Current biographical sketch or CV in the sponsor’s format of the PI, and submission ofbiographical sketches or CVs of up to four other senior key personnel
  3. List of key personnel and their roles
  4. (Optional) Any previous reviews of submissions to the particular program

All documents should be uploaded as a pdf. No budget or budget justification is required, unless specifically requested. Furthermore, additional instructions may be provided in the email invitation to submit an internal pre-proposal. This email will also include a link for the electronic upload of the internal proposal.

Review Process

Internal pre-proposals will be reviewed by a committee. The committee’s charge is to identify the nationally competitive candidate(s) with the best chance of success in the external competition. Applicants will be notified of their award status as soon as possible.

Important Links

internal Grants & Competition Portal


We use a four-step process for reviewing proposals for limited submission competitions, as follows:

  • Announcement of Opportunities
  • Letters of Intent
  • Request Internal Pre-Proposal
  • Pre-Proposal Review

If you have questions regarding the limited submission process, please contact the Office of Research Advancement.