Student Organization Classroom Reservation Form


Please complete and submit the following form in order to request the reservation of a classroom for any student organization on campus.

No food or drink is allowed in any general purpose classroom.

In addition, before submitting a request for space, please thoroughly review the Meeting & Event Guidelines.

Any meeting or event that does not follow these guidelines will be automatically denied. To allow time for review by all campus partners, reservation forms should be submitted at least ten business days prior to the first meeting/event occurrence.

The last day for student organizations to reserve a space for Spring 2021 is Tuesday, April 6, 2021. Due to the concentrated study period & finals week, student organizations will not be able to reserve classroom spaces from April 21st through May 1st. Due to finals week, no reservations will be made from April 26th through May 1st

Student organizations, departments, & off-campus organizations can begin making requests for Summer 2021 immediately. Requests for Summer 2021 will be reviewed by the Office of the University Registrar in the order they are received.

All indoor meetings and events will be limited to 50% capacity (as determined by State Fire Marshal) or a maximum of 150 people (whichever is less). Classroom spaces controlled by the Office of the University Registrar will remain capped at 50% capacity (or a maximum of 150 people) through the summer, regardless of new guidelines. Any requests for more than 150 people will be automatically denied. You’ll receive an email from the OUR to let you know if you have a tentative reservation or if the request has been denied. If you have a tentative reservation, you’ll need to get approval from the Emergency Operations Center (EOC) at least five business days prior to your event or meeting. Registered Student Organizations will obtain EOC approval through the existing TigerLink event approval process. Departments and off-campus organizations will need to complete the Event Request for the EOC & forward approval to Failure to receive EOC approval by the deadline will result in the reservation being cancelled. Once the EOC approves your meeting or event, the OUR will send a confirmation email with your event location.