Message from the President


Dear LSU Greek Community,

I know that we are all still mourning the tragic loss of Maxwell Gruver to an alleged hazing event. Together, we extend our deepest continued condolences to his grieving family.

As you know, following his passing, we immediately halted all Greek activities to evaluate and ensure the safety of our students, and created a Greek Life Task Force to investigate the culture of our organizations here at LSU. My staff and I have met frequently to discuss preventative and re-educational efforts, and as organizations moved forward with related training, we felt that some privileges could be reinstated upon periodic evaluation. Last week, we shared that, assuming students continued to behave in a responsible manner and followed our policies and procedures, Greek organizations could begin to have on-campus social events with alcohol – events regulated with outside security and ID checks.

During this time, I have been approached by a variety of individuals ranging from current students to parents and alumni, who have shared information with me through confidential conversations. These details demonstrate that there are those among us who have not yet absorbed the severity and seriousness of the current situation. It also underscores that there are a few who seek to maintain the status quo despite continued warnings about the dangers inherent in such actions.

After evaluating the compelling stories shared with me and their frightening implications for student safety, I have determined that we will continue to allow Greek organizations to have registered on-campus events, but without alcohol. This course of action will stand at least until the Task Force renders its recommendations in January 2018. At that point, we will evaluate these recommendations and determine how to best integrate them into our existing policies and procedures. If you have information that could benefit the Greek Life Task Force as it conducts a thorough and exhaustive inquiry, please send it to

I ask again that we work together in order to eradicate this dangerous undercurrent of behavior. Commit to change for the better. If your organization is already a standard-bearer, take this time to help your peers move toward that same threshold. If you know of troubling, potentially hazardous behavior within your house, your chapter, or other student organizations, I ask that you report it now. Do it for yourselves. Do it for your friends. Do it for Max and the Gruver family.


F. King Alexander
LSU President