LSU Parking Perks for Expectant Mothers

LSU Parking & Transportation offer services for expecting mothers during their pregnancy and while they are away on maternity leave.

Temporary Medical Parking Permit: If expecting mothers are in need of a temporary medical parking permit, the Office of Parking & Transportation Services offers short-term, temporary medical parking for employees for less than six months. In order to obtain this permit, you must first complete the online form on the Parking & Transportation Services website.

Please note: If you need to upgrade your parking permit to the temporary medical parking permit, and the new permit places you in a new parking zone, you will be charged the rate of the new parking zone.

Paused Payroll Deduction: While parents are on continuous leave to care for their child after birth, they may pause their parking payroll deduction. If payroll deduction is not paused, employees will still be charged and required to pay the accrued parking costs upon return from leave. Please contact the Office of Parking & Transportation at 578-5000.