Tiger Stadium Gameday Credentials

All gameday staff (vendors, contractors, volunteers, etc.) must possess a Tiger Stadium gameday credential to enter Tiger Stadium.  To apply for a gameday credential, complete and submit the Background Check Form.

The Background Check process includes pre-screening and real-time onsite screening.  LSU Police will NOT answer any questions related to this process.  As part of the pre-screening process, LSU Police will notify all disqualified applicants.  Please direct questions about the screening process to your direct supervisor or LSU Athletics point of contact.

Tiger Stadium gameday credentials are issued to authorized personnel only for the sole purpose of providing access to an individual for a legitimate working purpose in connection with an event; it is non-transferable and must be visible at all times.  The individual is subject to all policies and procedures of LSU Athletics, and assumes all risks incident to the performance of his/her services and to attending LSU Athletics and related events.  The individual agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Louisiana State University, its affiliates, their agents and employees from and against all liability.

The following disqualification criteria is used for the decision making matrix.  This criteria is used to reduce subjectivity and improve safety and security.

  • Incomplete and or misleading application data
  • No outstanding arrest warrants (excluding traffic offenses)
  • No felony convictions in the past five (5) years.
  • No prior conviction EVER for weapon charges involving firearms and explosives
  • No prior conviction in the past two (2) years for any other weapon violation
  • Any active National Crime Information Center Hot-File
  • No prior convictions EVER for the following offenses:
      • Murder
      • Robbery
      • Sex Offenses of any type
      • Aggravated Assault
      • Arson
      • Kidnapping
      • Battery of a Police Officer
      • Conspiracy, Principal, Accessory and Attempt to any of the above offenses