Jorge Pullin Named LSU Distinguished Research Master

BATON ROUGE - As Louisiana's flagship institution for research, LSU plays a leading role as a catalyst for change in the State, nation and world. University researchers are at the forefront in developing innovative technology, scholarship and programs, while educating and developing a new generation of leadership to engage in scientific discovery.

On April 15, the LSU Council on Research presented the Distinguished Research Master award to individuals elected for their research and scholarship as well as their career achievements.

Jorge Pullin, the Horace Hearne Chair in Theoretical Physics in the LSU Department of Physics & Astronomy as well as the co-director of the Horace Hearne Institute for Theoretical Physics, was named as the 2014 Distinguished Research Master of Engineering, Science, or Technology.

Pullin's research addresses the interface between gravity and quantum theory, specifically in the area of loop quantum gravity. His research has involved probing how space-time inside black holes is affected by quantum theory. He now also focuses on the foundations of quantum mechanics.

Jorge Pullin'

According to Michael Cherry, Roy P. Daniels Professor and chair of the Department of Physics and Astronomy, "Professor Pullin's work on the connections between quantum mechanics and relativity has received international attention. He and his group have involved students, who have received state-of-the-art training in applying their numerical and computational approaches to fundamental physics. This award recognizes Prof. Pullin's deep contributions to the physics of black holes and loop quantum theory."

Pullin received his master's degree and doctorate in physics from the Instituto Balseiro in Bariloche, Argentina. He served for a time as the interim director and Focus Area Head of the LSU Center for Computation and Technology, and is the founding editor of the journal Physical Review X, published by the American Physical Society.

Since 1972, the Council on Research has presented the University-wide award of Distinguished Research Master to individuals nominated by the university community and selected by the Council. One recipient is nominated from Arts, Humanities, Social Sciences and Behavioral Sciences, and the other from Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, or STEM. Recipients of the award receive a salary stipend and a University Medal, a symbol of exceptional accomplishment at LSU.

Elisabeth "Lisi" Oliver, an Alumni Professor in the LSU Department of English and the Interdepartmental Program in Linguistics, was also awarded a 2014 LSU Distinguished Research Master award for Arts, Humanities, or Social Sciences.


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