Student Parking Permit

Any student bringing a vehicle to campus must have a permit whether it is for the day, the semester, or the entire year. While parking rules and regulations are enforced Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. - 8 p.m. Permits are required at all hours on weekdays, day and night. Permit prices are as follows: 

Annual Semester Monthly Weekly Daily
$165 $80 $25 $10 $5


Permit Descriptions:

Annual  This permit type is valid for a single academic year (i.e. August 2018 through August 2019). 
Semester  This permit type is valid for the semester purchased (i.e. Fall 2018 semester permits expire 01/15/2019).
Monthly A monthly permit valid for thirty (30) days from date of purchase (i.e. June 1, 2018 to July 1, 2018)
Weekly A weekly permit is valid for five (5) business days from date of purchase. (i.e. June 1, 2018 to June 7, 2018)
Daily A daily permit is valid from midnight on day of purchase to 11:59 p.m. on the date of purchase.


Student Permit Types:

  • Commuter - available to students living off campus only.
  • Resident - available to students living on the LSU campus in a Residence Hall or on-campus apartment.
  • Greek - available to students living within a sorority or fraternity house only.
  • Law - available to students enrolled in the LSU Paul M. Hebert Law Center only.
  • Edward Gay - available to students living in the Edward Gay Apartment complexes only.
    • Spouse permits**: Additional $40 per year or semester [i.e. Annual ($165) + Spouse ($40) = $205; Semester ($80) + Spouse ($40) = $120]
  • U-High - available to students attend the University Lab School only.
  • Motorcycle - available to students who drive a motorcycle or moped to campus only. ($40 per year if a vehicle parking permit is NOT purchased; Complimentary if vehicle parking permit is purchased)

A permit may be purchased or removed on a student's myLSU account using the following instructions:

  1. Sign on to your myLSU account at
  2. Click "Registration Services"
  3. Click on "Additional Services"
  4. Select the Semester (i.e. Summer 2018, Fall 2018). 
    • If you would like an annual permit, select value 02001.
    • If you would like a semester permit, select value 02005.
    • If you live within the Edward Gay Apartments and would like an annual permit + a spouse permit, select value 02004.
    • If you live within the Edward Gay Apartments and would like a semester permit + a spouse permit, select value 02006.
    • If you are not bringing a vehicle to campus and do not need a parking permit, select value 02099.

**Only for individuals who live within the Edward Gay Apartments and Nicholson Gateway.