2020 Football Parking

Parking is also prohibited along the shoulders of Nicholson Extension, Nicholson Drive between North Stadium Road and Skip Bertman; Gourrier Lane west of Nicholson Drive; River Road from Gourrier Lane to Aster Street.

On days of home football games, all vehicles must be removed from the following areas:

  • All streets in the stadium area on the north, south, and west
  • Cypress Drive (the street north of the Maddox Fieldhouse) from Fieldhouse Drive to Chimes Street
  • The north side of Dalrymple Drive from Highland Road to West Lakeshore Drive
  • The north side of South Campus Drive from Tower Drive to Highland Road
  • Fieldhouse Drive; Huey P. Long Circle
  • South Stadium Road from Nicholson Drive to Highland Road
  • Etienne de Bore and CEBA Lane
  • Tower Drive
  • Dalrymple from Highland Road to Fieldhouse Drive
  • South Campus Drive from Highland Road to Fieldhouse Drive

The following lots are also to be cleared at the same time:

  • West Stadium Lot (83)
  • South Stadium Lot (85)
  • Nicholson Lot (82)
  • Old Alex Box Gravel Lot (82a), Alex Box Lot (84)
  • Bernie Moore Lot (X80)
  • Burden Oak Lot (X79)
  • Powerhouse Lane Lot (C28)
  • Security Lane Lot (C27 Lot)
  • Indian Mounds Lot (C3)
  • Peabody Lot (C2)
  • West Campus Lot (C5)
  • Design Lot (C7)
  • Old Gas Station Lot (31)
  • Dalrymple/Electrical Engineering Lots (C33)
  • Military Science Lot (C93)
  • North PMAC Lot (25)
  • Tennis Court Lot (26)
  • Natatorium Lot (77)
  • ROTC Lot (88)
  • Lot A150
  • BEC Lot (C108), South CEBA Metered Lot, The Oaks Lot (X166), the lots and spaces accessible only from CEBA Lane or Etienne de Bore
  • Old Special Olympic Pool Lot (A151), the lots at the New Alex Box Stadium and the Football Operations Center Lot (X161)

Additionally, beginning at 7:00 a.m. on the Friday before all home football games, the Cow Pasture Lot (X163) and Old Alex Box (82A) will be reserved for motor home parking. All vehicles parked in the reserved motor home areas in the X109, South Stadium and Front Nine (X174) Lots must be moved by 5:00 p.m. on Fridays before home football games.

Unauthorized vehicles parked in reserved spaces and/or areas will be towed and impounded. Spaces designated by orange (numbering or lines) are for reserved football parking only. These markings do not necessarily designate a normal parking space and should not normally be used for daily parking. All vehicles must be removed from these areas by the times indicated. Vehicles may be parked elsewhere on campus unless specifically restricted by these regulations. All vehicles must be reparked in their assigned zones, as prescribed elsewhere in these regulations, by 7:00 a.m. on Monday following the game. Vehicles not parked in accordance with the football parking pattern or not reparked properly after the game will be towed at the owner’s expense. Times are subject to change if the game time is changed from the normal starting time.

Visit www.lsusports.net for game day information and parking restrictions.


To purchase 2020 Football parking, please contact the LSU Athletics Ticket Office at (225) 578-2184.

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