Fall 2017 Grace Period

Dear LSU Community,

For the Fall 2017 semester, the ticketing grace period will occur from Monday, August 7 to Monday, September 4. Outlined below are important aspects of the grace period that should be noted.

   Tickets INCLUDED in the grace period:

  • UNREGISTERED - parking on campus without a parking permit. However, a student, faculty or staff member, and visitors must be parked within his or her correct zone of parking (i.e. students in student areas, employees in employee areas, visitors in visitor's spaces)
  • IMPROPER DISPLAY - not displaying your parking permit in a correct manner as indicated by our rules and regulations.

   Tickets NOT INCLUDED in the grace period:

  • OUT-OF-ZONE - parking within another parking zone on campus (i.e. commuters parking in resident areas, residents parking in Greek areas, etc.)
  • FIRE LANE - parking within an area marked as a fire lane with either red curb paint, diagonal lines, or university signage. **TOWABLE OFFENSE**
  • HANDICAPPED SPACES - parking within a handicapped space without the proper credentials (i.e. a state issued handicapped placard or license plate). **TOWABLE OFFENSE**
  • MEDICAL SPACES - parking within a medical space without the proper parking permit issued by our office. **TOWABLE OFFENSE**
  • RESERVED SPACES - parking within a space that is reserved by curb markings or university signage. **TOWABLE OFFENSE**
      • If you are parked in one of these areas and your vehicle does not match the vehicle or permit that belongs to this space, you may receive an unregistered citation if no permit is displayed because you are not parked within your correct area.
  • TRAVEL LANE - parking within a lane of travel which prevents vehicles from passing. **TOWABLE OFFENSE**
  • HAZARDOUS PARKING - parking in a manner that presents a safety hazard or hazard to the LSU community. **TOWABLE OFFENSE**
  • NO PARKING ZONE - parking in an area designated as a no parking zone by curb markings or university signage.
  • LAWN - parking on the grass. **TOWABLE OFFENSE**
  • IMPROPER PARKING - parking in more than one space, parking over the front line of the indicated parking space, not being fully in the parking space, etc.
  • AGAINST THE FLOW - backing into a diagonal space which will force the driver to drive in the opposite direction of traffic flow in order to leave the parking space.
  • OVERTIME PARKING - parking within a metered space and not paying the meters.
      • If you have a parking pass displayed and you park within a metered space, you ARE required to pay the meter still.
  • For students, OUT-OF-ZONE B-C: parking within an employee area during the hours of 7:00am to 4:30pm. **TOWABLE OFFENSE**

If for some reason, you believe you were ticketed unjustly, we would like for you to file a formal appeal via our online website form. Appeals will not be heard in person or over the phone. Appeals are heard by a student or employee appeals board comprised of student or employee leaders not affiliated with the parking office and are chosen by either Student Government or Faculty Senate. If you would like to file an appeal for a ticket received, please click here.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact our office at either parking@lsu.edu or (225) 578-5000.