Compliance and Special Approvals

Oversight committees have been established at the University to insure proper planning and use of the University's specialized research facilities and compliance with the University, state, and federal policies and regulations. Projects should be discussed with appropriate committees prior to submission of the proposal to the Office of Sponsored Programs to avoid unnecessary delays.  Committee approvals will be obtained electronically in SPS.

For most committees, the chairman is authorized to give tentative approval to routine proposals. This allows the proposal to continue on the approval route without delay, but formal committee approval must be received before commencing work on the project or study. 

The information below identifies the committees and persons responsible for reviewing proposals.

Radioisotopes or Radiation Sources – proposals, which involve the use of radioisotopes or radiation sources, require the approval by the Radiation Safety Office.  For additional information contact Dr. Wei-Hsung Wang, Radiation Safety Officer, at 8-2008, via email at, or visit the Radiation Safety Office website.

Human Subjects – requires approval or exemption by the Institutional Review Board.  For additional information please contact Dr. Dennis Landin, IRB Chair, or Elizabeth Cadarette, IRB Coordinator, at 130 David Boyd Hall, (225) 578-8692, Fax (225) 578-5983, or

For IRB documents and forms check the IRB website.

Vertebrate Animals – proposals involving the use of vertebrate animals require approval by the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC).  For further information, contact Ms. Krista Adams, IACUC Program Manager, at (225) 578-9643. 

Persons Authorized by IACUC to approve projects for Vertebrate Animals Used

Contacts Position/Organization Phone Email
Dr. Frank Andrews IACUC Chair 578-9500
Dr. David G. Baker School of Vet Med 578-9643
Dr. Rhett Stout School of Vet Med 578-9643
Ms. Krista Adams School of Vet Med 578-9643


LSU IACUC Documents

Recombinant DNA, Agents Infectious to Animals/Plants and Select Agents – Proposals involving the use of recombinant DNA, agents infectious to humans/animals/plants, including select agents or toxins [as defined by the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and/or the USDA Animals and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS)] require approval by the LSU Institutional Biological & Recombinant DNA Safety Committee (IBRDS) or, in the case of select agents or toxins, the LSU Responsible Official (RO).  A list of committee members and detailed instructions for obtaining IBRDS/RO approval are available on the Environmental Health and Safety web site

Classified Material – Contact the Office of Sponsored Programs at (225) 578-2760 or

New Courses or Programs – a proposal which includes the development of a new course or program which carries degree credit must be approved by the Office of Academic Affairs. For further information, you can view the Office of Academic Affairs website or contact them at (225) 578-8863. 

Extra Compensation – requires approval by Human Resource Management and the Vice Chancellor for Research & Economic Development. For Vice Chancellor approval of extra compensation, a memo thru the Compensation Section of the Office of Human Resources Management to the Vice Chancellor requesting approval must be uploaded in SPS. The Chair and Dean/Director of the college/unit affected must approve in SPS.   For further information, contact the Office of Sponsored Programs at (225) 578-2760 or

Intellectual Property – proposals involving ceding of intellectual property ownership, patenting expenses, exclusive or non-exclusive rights, licenses, royalties, etc. require approval of the Director of the Office of Innovation and Technology Commercialization.  For further information, contact Dr. Andrew Maas, Assistant Vice President, Office of Innovation and Technology Commercialization, at (225) 615-8967 or visit the Office of Innovation & Technology Commercialization website.

Special Facilities/Services – proposal which involves LSU resources or facilities which are not under the control of the Principal Investigator(s) or his department or college must be disclosed on the Proposal Routing and Approval Form, and the signature of the appropriate Director or other official responsible for the special facilities and/or services must be obtained.

Financial Disclosure – Proposals to NSF and Public Health Service (including NIH) require disclosure of certain financial interests of all those responsible for project design, conduct, and reporting and any immediate family that might appear to have the potential to bias the project.  PI/CoPI approval in SPS is a certification that any required disclosure has been made.  For additional information and review of LSU’s Financial Conflicts of Interest in Research and the Significant Financial Interest Disclosure Form .

Facilities and Administrative Cost Reduction or Waiver – proposals requesting a reduction or waiver of Facilities and Administrative Costs require the approval of the Vice Chancellor for Research and Economic Development.  PI must prepare and submit a "Request for Approval of Cost Sharing or Indirect Cost Waiver" (located under "Forms" in the Resources for Faculty section.  For further information contact OSP at (225) 578-2760 or the Office of the Vice President for Research and Economic Development, (225) 578-5833.