Faculty Senate ILC Committee

In January 2019, the Integrative Learning Core was launched. The current general education program at LSU will be phased out, with full ILC implementation beginning in August 2022. The fundamental idea of the LSU Integrative Learning Core is that the student develops across the undergraduate curriculum the practical and intellectual capacities associated with integrative learning in preparation for high competence and functionality in post-baccalaureate contexts. 


  1. reviewing, approving, conditionally approving, or denying course proposals submitted by educational units to be added to the ILC list of approved courses;
  2. maintaining long-term oversight of the quality and effectiveness of the ILC, including assessment data to ensure that the program fulfills the proficiencies;
  3. making recommendations to the Office of Academic Affairs (OAA) concerning student petitions for exceptions to the published ILC requirements, including course substitutions;
  4. evaluating effectiveness of individual courses in fulfilling the goals of general education. The committee’s evaluations and recommendations shall be submitted, through the Faculty Senate Executive Committee (FSEC), to the Executive Vice President and Provost;
  5. interpreting and clarifying the philosophy and goals of general education, keeping abreast of similar programs nationwide, periodically reviewing existing requirements, and recommending restructuring, when appropriate;
  6. coordinating with appropriate college-level advisors and counseling faculty in participating educational units to ensure that students are provided with adequate information about the ILC requirements; and
  7. directing, as needed or as requested, surveys of the educational units, including deans, directors, and department chairs in order to determine the impact of the ILC requirements on areas such as academic programs, facilities, and faculty and staff scheduling. Where problems are identified, the committee should provide recommended solutions to the Executive Vice President and Provost.

Assessment Oversight

ILC assessment activities are overseen by the Faculty Senate ILC Committee with support from the Office of Institutional Effectiveness.  For questions regarding the ILC Assessment Plan please email gened@lsu.edu.

Committee Membership

The FSILC Committee* is composed of experienced faculty, one from each college granting undergraduate degrees; one upper division undergraduate student; Vice Provost for Academic Affairs (or designee), ex officio; Director of Assessment, Office of Institutional Effectiveness, ex officio; the University Registrar (or designee), ex officio; and Chair of the Courses and Curricula Committee, ex officio. 

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*Previously referred to as Faculty Senate Committee on General Education