Degree Program Assessment Cycle

Flowchart: Degree Program Assessment Cycle

Critical Dates

  • June 15: DATA files of degree program outcomes assessment posted for fall and spring semesters
  • October 15: Department chairs and faculty prepare and upload recommendations, reflections and action plans to TaskStream template
  • December 1 - March 1: Deans authenticate the planning and assessment format for each degree program
  • April 30: Status reports completed for each program

Spring Activities

  • Faculty and departments conduct spring semester assessments.
  • URAC reviews Assessment Metrics. Action Plans/Status Reports and Deans' Authentication.

Summer/Fall Activities

  • Assessment data analyzed.
  • Department chairs and faculty review and plan use of Learning Outcomes results.
  • Program improvements implemented.


Dr. Bobby Matthews
Director of Assessment & Evaluation
 email bobby
Dr. Josiah Nyangau
Assistant Director of Assessment
email josiah