New Equipment Purchased by Grant


Sony XCD-CR90

Sony XCD-CR90 High Resolution CCD Camera. 3.7*3.7um2 per Pixels.


GPIB Interface Card

GPIB Interface Card for PCI


Gen 600-2.6

Gen 600-2.6 Programmable AC to DC Power Supplies:
Output Voltage: 0-600v; Rated Power: 1560W


A/D Converter

A/D Converter: 12 bit ISA Multifunction Card,
used in the computer to interface with any number of external devices


HP 35651 A HP-IB/Signal Processor

HP 35651 A HP-IB/Signal Processor


Flex02-01 D/C

Flex02-01 D/C: used for correlation of signals


B&K Type 2650 Spectrum Analyzer

B&K Type 2650 Spectrum Analyzer: test cable TV levels and frequency response, test master antenna TV systems, Measure communications transmitter spurious radiation, Locate sources of EMI, Measure unwanted RF radiation.


852-01 Dual Hi/Lo Variable Analog Filter

852-01 Dual Hi/Lo Variable Analog Filter: consists of two identical filter channels contained in a commmon cabinet. Each filter channel has separated input/output terminals, offers high pass and low pass functions, 0-db and 20-db gain, Butterworth/Flat Delay responses and 3-digit resolution for cutoff frequency selection.