Equipment and Facilities

A Existing Equipment
A.1 Manufacturing, testing, and computational equipment and facilities in the Composite Materials and Structures Lab at both LSU and SU
  • Two Instron MTS 810 systems
  • Instron QTEST 150 system
  • A Cordin 550 high speed imaging system (up to 1.5 million frames per second)
  • GRC DYNATUP Model 8250HV impact machine and accompanying data acquisition system (velocity up to 14m/s)
  • Home-made Split Hopkinson Pressure Bar
  • UltraPAC ultrasonic imaging system for non-destructive testing
  • Sonic Model VC-750 ultrasonic mixer for nanocomposite fabrication
  • Vacuum Assisted Resin Infusion Molding (VARIM) System
  • NETZSCH type 50 bench-top three-roll mill for nanocomposite fabrication
  • Nanotrac 150 particle size analyzer (particle size down to 8nm)
  • Instron 3200 series internal pressure tester
  • A Cooper LVDT system
  • A Yokogawa DC100 data acquisition system
  • Dynamic mechanical analyzer
  • A vacuum chamber for nanocomposite fabrication
  • A dedicated lathe machine for composites machining
  • QUV Accelerated Weathering Tester-simulate every possible environment
  • Home-made environmental chamber-used for humidity and temperature control
  • Precision automatic surface cutter-3D high precision cutting
  • A 50-ton laboratory press with 2 platens
  • Hot press-used for the fabrication of composite plates
  • RTM-resin transfer molding equipment
  • A WLH two-axis filament winder
  • An ultrasonic welder for thermoplastics
  • Machine shop
  • Tile saw-for rough cutting
  • Rotary power tool-for core drilling
  • Solidworks
A.2 Materials Characterization Facility in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at LSU
  The 150m2 centralized facility, managed by the LSU ME department, houses multi-user, major materials research instruments:
  • JEOL JEM 2010 200 kV transmission electron microscope (TEM)
  • Kratos Axis 165 scanning Auger/XPS spectrometer with Ar+ sputter depth profiling(SAES)
  • Hitachi S-3600N scanning electron microscope (SEM)
  • Rigaku Miniflex X-ray diffractometer (XRD)
  • Wyko NT 1000 3-D optical profiling system
  • Perkin-Elmer DSC7 differential scanning calorimeter (DSC)
  • Gatan 656 Dimpler and Gatan 691 Precision Ion Polishing System
A.3 Facilities at LSU/CAMD
(1) X-ray lithography beamlines:
  • XRLM1 - power = 2.4 W/cm/100mA (1.5), range ~ 2 keV to 6 keV (IfM)
  • XRLM2 - power = 1 W/cm/100 mA (1.5), range ~ 2 keV to 15 keV (IfM)
  • XRLC1 - power ~ 94 mW/cm/100 mA (1.5), range ~ 1 keV to 2 keV (CAMD)
  • XRLM3 - power = 1.1 W/cm/100mA (1.5), range ~ 2 keV to 15 keV (CAMD)
  • HEXRL - power = 10 W/cm/100mA (1.5), range ~ 2 keV to 60 keV (CAMD)
(2) X-ray absorption spectroscopy beamline:
  • Double Crystal Monochromator (DCM), capable of reaching edges from S to W
  • Hysitron Triboscope nanoindentation/nanoscratch device
(3) Six electroplating stations: located at CAMD will be used to plate the Cu, Bi and composite materials for this project.
(4) Lithography facilities and Mann 3600 pattern generator: located at CAMD will be used to make mechanical testing coupon optical mask so that we can have different samples to test different properties.
(5) Modulated differential scanning calorimetry (MDSC), thermogravimetric analysis (TGA) and dynamic mechanical analysis (DMA): located at CAMD will be used to evaluate the plated material thermal stability and mechanical properties (tensile, creep etc.).
(6) HITACHI S-4500II SEM with EDAX: located at CAMD will be used to examine the morphology of plated sample and microstructure for this project.
B. Equipment requisition supported by this NASA/EPSCoR project:
  • Vlmeter R6552
  • Octo-Channel High Voltage System
  • Oscilloscope (Agilent HP 54600A)
  • FFT Analyzer (Agilent HP 35651A)
  • A/D (Advantech PCL 818)
  • Low Pass Filter (Wavetek Dual HI/LO Filter Model 852)
  • Charge Amplifier (B&K Type 2635)
  • Correlator (Flex02-01D)
  • Gen 600-2.6 Programmable AC TO DC Power supplies
  • CCT Laser Displacement Sensor (LK-G 502)
  • Infrared Camera (IR 996)
  • Graco XT HVLP Spray Gun
  • Micro Photonics Inc.

Click here for a slideshow of sample equipment.