Spring 2017 Seminar Schedule


*Seminars begin at 3:30 p.m. in the main gallery of Foster Hall


Download pdf here.


January 13

Museum Expedition Travelogues
Ryan Burner & Glenn Seeholzer - Ornithological expeditions to Indonesia and Peru

January 20

Dr. Kevin Rowe, Museum Victoria (Melbourne, Australia)
Title: "Museums and global change from speciation to the Anthropocene"

January 27

Dr. Sean Doody, Southeastern Louisiana University
Title: “Paradise Poisoned: Impacts of a Toxic Invasive Toad on an Australian Animal Community”

February 3

Dr. Catherine Linnen, University of Kentucky
Title: "From mutations to species: Causes and consequences of host use variation in pine sawflies"

February 10

Dr. Lainy Day, University of Mississippi
Title: “Complex Adaptations for Acrobatic Display in Manakins (Pipridae)”

February 17

Dr. Jennifer Lamb, University of Southern Mississippi
Title: "Dusky salamanders in the Gulf Coastal Plain: diversity and gene flow across and within drainages"

February 24

No Seminar – Mardi Gras

March 3

Dr. Vinson Doyle, LSU Department of Plant Pathology and Crop Physiology
Title: “Revisiting known knowns in plant-associated fungal diversity”

March 10

Dr. Brian Crother, Southeastern Louisiana University
Title: "Re-Thinking the Fundamental Unit of Biogeography: Area of Endemism"

March 17

Chaz Hyseni, University of Mississippi
Title: “Phylogeography of the eastern subterranean termite Reticulitermes flavipes: demographic history and niche evolution in the Appalachian Mountains"

March 24

Lisa Elizondo, LSU School of Renewable Natural Resources
Title: "Felis catus: An Ecological Cat-astrophe"

March 31

Tim Colston, University of Mississippi
Title: "The Evolution of Squamate Reptile Gut Microbiomes"

April 7

Dr. Julia Clarke, University of Texas at Austin
Title: TBD. Research interests: bird paleontology

April 14

No Seminar – Spring Break

April 21

Dr. Amanda Glaze, Georgia Southern University
Title: "Unspeakable, Forbidden, Taboo: Conversations about evolution in the American Southeast"

April 28

Dr. Thomas Lacher, Texas A&M University and IUCN
Title: “The IUCN Global Assessments and Their Use in Biodiversity and Conservation Research"

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