Fall 2016 Seminar Schedule

*Seminars begin at 3:30 p.m. in the main gallery of Foster Hall


Download pdf here.


August 26

Museum Expedition Travelogues
Ornithology in Borneo, Ornithology in Africa, Ichthyology in Panama, Ornithology & Mammalogy in Louisiana

September 2

Diego Elias, LSU Museum of Natural Science
Title: Phylogeography of fishes in Middle America

September 9

Museum Expedition Travelogues
Mammalogy in Sulawesi, Ornithology in Brazil, Ornithology in Peru, Herpetology in Louisiana

September 16

Dr. Robert Thomson, University of Hawaii at Manoa
Title: Evolution of the Map Turtles (Graptemys)

September 23

Dr. Brandon Ballengée, School of Visual Arts (NYC) & LSU Museum of Natural Science
Title: Praeter Naturam: An Art-Science Investigation of Ecosystems and Organisms Beyond Nature

September 30

Karen Field, Dept. of Biological Sciences, LSU
Topic: Chemosensory communication in an African cichlid fish

October 7

No Seminar Fall Break

October 14

Dr. Rodrigo Valverde, Dept. of Plant Pathology and Crop Physiology, LSU
Title: Persistent plant viruses: mutualism or parasitism?

October 21

Pamela Hart, LSU Museum of Natural Science
Title: Diversity and Conservation of the Southern Cavefish

October 28

Dr. Juan Lopez-Bautista, University of Alabama
Title: Advances Toward a Green Algal Tree of Life

November 4

No Seminar – Yellow Rails & Rice Festival

November 11

No Seminar Museum Retreat

November 18

Oona Takano, Texas A&M University.
Title: “Host associations and biogeography of parasitic avian chewing lice across Sub-Saharan Africa”

November 25

No Seminar Thanksgiving

December 2

Dr. Claudia Husseneder, Dept. of Entomology, LSU
Title: Horse flies as bioindicators of marsh health after the 2010 Gulf of Mexico oil spill

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