MEDIA ADVISORY: Scientific Experts to Meet at LSU to Address Louisiana’s Coastal Sustainability

BATON ROUGE – In October, LSU will host the third annual Louisiana Geological Survey Coastal Symposium, the premier academic Louisiana coastal conference presented by the Louisiana Geological Survey and the New Orleans Geological Survey.

The symposium, held Oct. 17-18, will bring together scientists, engineers, geographers and policy makers from across the range of geoscience-related disciplines to exchange ideas, interpretations and insights into Louisiana coastal geology - both onshore and offshore - and on associated topics. This year’s focus will be on coastal geoscience, specifically including coastal geology, geophysics, geomorphology and geography. It will be held in the Dalton J. Woods Auditorium of the Energy, Coast and Environment Building at LSU. John Johnston III of Louisiana Geological Survey will serve as the symposium chair and Chris McLindon of New Orleans Geological Survey will serve as the vice-chair and keynote speaker.

Johnston said that geology affects and controls coastal land loss, coastal subsidence, coastal drainage and waterways, coastal erosion and deposition, sea level rise, beach and ecological responses to tropical storms and hurricanes and overall coastal evolution.

“All of these issues are vital to Louisiana,” he said. “It’s literally impossible to accurately forecast coastal evolution without taking coastal geology into consideration, and plans for coastal management, coastal protection and coastal restoration accordingly need to take coastal geology into account.”

LSU students and staff are invited to attend and participate. Credit hours are available for licensed geologists as well as an ethics presentation that will satisfy the Louisiana annual ethics requirements for both licensed geologists and licensed engineers.

The deadline to submit an abstract is Oct. 4.


WHAT: 3rd Annual Louisiana Geological Survey Coastal Symposium

WHEN: Thursday, Oct. 17 and Friday, Oct. 18

WHERE: Energy, Coast & Environment Building’s Dalton J. Woods Auditorium – 93 South Quad Drive; Baton Rouge


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