Geaux Vote LSU Successful in Changing Voting Precincts on Campus

BATON ROUGE – The Baton Rouge Metropolitan Council approved a proposed change in East Baton Rouge voting precinct boundaries at its March 13 meeting. Changes to two precincts within LSU campus that will make it easier for students to cast their ballots passed the council with no contest.

This project – which Geaux Vote LSU has had a large hand in facilitating – will make LSU a central location for a new polling place in East Baton Rouge.

Currently, LSU’s campus is split between two precincts: 44 and 46. Redrawing the limits of the precincts means that students living west of Highland Road in precinct 44 would now be able to vote at University Laboratory School like students who live in precinct 46 on the east side of campus.

“This effort has been long in the making, and we are excited to be in the final stages of implementing this precinct change,” said Geaux Vote President Zoë Williamson. “We are grateful the Metro Council sees that changing the boundaries for these precincts will make polling places more accessible for students and help increase voter turnout among college students.”

Residents who currently live in precinct 44 will be moved into precinct 5, but changes will not go into effect until June 1, 2021, after the 2020 census.


About Geaux Vote LSU

Geaux Vote LSU is a non-partisan student organization at LSU which aims to educate and engage students in civic responsibility and the political process. Geaux Vote’s efforts are made possible by the LSU Manship School of Mass Communication and the Andrew Goodman Foundation.


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