Online Project Management Program Offered through LSU Professional Development

BATON ROUGE – LSU Professional Development has announced the opening of a fully online version of its Business Project Management Certificate program. Based on the popular instructor-led program offered in a classroom format, the new certificate contains five noncredit courses that together provide effective preparation for becoming a project manager, or adding an effective project management skill set. Each course can be completed in four weeks or less, and the entire certificate can be completed in less than six months.

According to a 2017 study by the Project Management Institute, or PMI, jobs requiring project management training and experience are growing, with 33 percent more positions expected by 2027.

“That’s nearly 22 million job opportunities for people with project management credentials,” said Kristy Anthony, director of Professional Development Programs. “We felt that LSU has the expertise to build an online program that could be competitive, especially among our customers in the state and region.”

The new program is self-paced, so learners can engage with the courses and move through the certificate on their own schedule. No classroom meetings are required. Online courses consist of videos, articles, case studies and projects. Individuals can register and take the entire program from work or home, making the certificate accessible to people who cannot come to the LSU campus. Participants can also take a single course in a specific area instead of the entire certificate.

The expertise for developing the online certificate courses is drawn from the recently expanded digital learning experience design unit of LSU Digital & Continuing Education, the parent division of both Professional Development and LSU Online.

“We had access to these fantastic experts from our classroom-based program that we were able to tap for the online courses,” said Sasha Thackaberry, vice provost for Digital & Continuing Education at LSU.

“The experts know the content, and the learning designers partnered with them to create high-quality, engaging learning experience. We just put them together and let the magic happen,” she added.

LSU Professional Development is a respected provider of noncredit career and professional training to individuals and organizations. Courses and certificates from LSU are used by many employers to update employee skills, and this project management certificate is a noncredit micro-credential with immediate workforce relevance. Successful completion of a noncredit certificate demonstrates not only attainment of a particular skill set, but other attributes desirable to prospective employers, such as determination, openness to learning new things, and persistence.

The five courses required to receive the certificate are Essentials of Project Management, Techniques for Project Development, Estimation and Cost Benefit Analysis, Quality Assurance Essentials, and Project Change Control and Cost Management. Participants who have already taken one or more of these courses through the Professional Development program at LSU can substitute a classroom-based course for the equivalent online course.

Detailed information on the certificate and the individual courses is available on the online professional development web page at Registration in the Business Project Management Certificate program is now open.

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