Fox News Anchor, LSU Alumna Sandra Smith Brings Purple and Gold to NYC

LSU in NYC: Sandra Smith

BATON ROUGE - When she’s not anchoring on Fox News Channel’s “America’s Newsroom,” LSU alumna Sandra Smith loves reminiscing about her time in Baton Rouge.

“I close my eyes because it’s my happy place. I love to think about Baton Rouge and my time spent there: the people I met, the places I went, the food I tried. It was just such a unique experience that I’m forever grateful for,” Smith said.

Smith followed her love for the French language and culture from her home in Illinois to Louisiana.

“It’s a bit of a long story, but I do believe I was meant to have my collegiate career end up there. I was studying in the Midwest and I felt I wanted to have a different experience. And I was studying French and I found out there’s still a French speaking area in the United States and there it was in southeast Louisiana. I became just so interested in the Cajun culture that still exists down there,” said Smith. “The people, the food, the family life, it was just so interesting to me. So, I made a visit and I ultimately decided it was where I needed to be and I fell in love with LSU – its academics and the students there. And I have never looked back. No regrets here.”

Smith transferred for one semester, through a student exchange program. But after that first semester, she asked the program for a second.

“Then after that was over, I came home for the summer and I told my parents, ‘I just can’t go back, I have to go back to LSU. I can’t go back to my previous school.’ So, I looked into what needed to be done to do the transfer. Ultimately, I decided that’s where I needed to end up.”

During her time at LSU, Smith kept herself busy with both classes and athletics.   

“I studied three different big subjects that I’m so happy that I did. Communications was one of them, I concentrated on speech. I concentrated on French, that was obviously a big interest for me and math was one of my big subjects as well. I took calculus to the highest level at LSU. For some reason, I was just enthralled. The teachers there were amazing,” Smith said.

She also made time to compete on the LSU cross-country and track and field team.

“I ran in high school. I was the track captain of the team. Then when I started college, I said I wanted to be a regular college student and I did. I didn’t take up on offers to run anywhere. Ultimately when I went to LSU and decided to stay at LSU, I heard a lot about this spectacular LSU team. They were known nationwide as one of the best programs in the country. And still are,” Smith said. “I heard that the coach was hosting this local run where the members of the cross-country team would be running in a park and it would be open to anyone who wanted to participate like students, anyone in town.”

Smith decided to give it a shot and on that day, she caught the attention of then-head coach Pat Henry.

“I ended up doing really, really well and the coach said, ‘Do you mind seeing me in my office?’ and he said, ‘I think you need to try to run with our team.’ And I did. He sent me out on a 10-mile run with the girls and I had the best time and it went really, really well. I ended up being one of the top athletes on the cross-country team and long distance runners on the track and field team,” Smith said.

When she wasn’t competing, or studying, she shared her free time tutoring other student athletes.

“I took calculus to a point where I became a calculus tutor for the football players,” Smith said. “There were big study halls where I could volunteer my time as a student athlete to help other student athletes. I thought that was a good thing to do and so it ended up being really fun, too.”

The wide range of classes she took played a part in creating the foundation she would use in her broadcasting career.

“I feel like I was exposed to so much when I was at LSU that it really helped me start to look at what I wanted to do,” Smith said.

After graduating in 2003, Smith worked in finance before making the switch to television.

“I was a business journalist before I became a general news anchor at Fox News Channel. I was a business journalist for Bloomberg TV. Then I moved on and helped launch the Fox Business Network in October 2007. And now I’m on Fox News Channel.”

Smith currently co-anchors three hours of morning news on “America’s Newsroom.”

“My days start very, very early. Generally, I’m up about 4 o’clock in the morning. I’m generally out of my house by 4:40 a.m. And when I get in, I hit the ground running. I read three newspapers, I scroll through social media, I check Twitter to see whether the President is tweeting. I have to do a ton of homework the second I walk in the door,” Smith said. “I set out with a goal every day to deliver real, honest news to our viewers."




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