National Science Foundation awards Louisiana Business and Technology Center tenant $746,325

Lu Lu

Louisiana Multi-Functional-Materials Group co-founder and chief chemist Lu Lu. Photo Credit: LSU.

BATON ROUGE – Louisiana Multi-Functional-Materials Group, LLC, or LAMG, a tenant of Louisiana Business and Technology Center at LSU Innovation Park, received $746,325 from the National Science Foundation, or NSF, to develop an affordable sealant for sealing joints in transportation infrastructure, such as cracks in asphalt pavement and concrete pavement.

LAMG was founded in 2016 by LSU Mechanical Engineering Professor Guoqiang Li  and his two post-doctoral researchers, Lu Lu and Pengfei Zhang. It produces a smart two-way shape memory polymer-based sealant that is capable of expanding upon cooling and contacting upon heating which contrasts the thermal characteristics of concrete. LAMG aims to transfer this technology to the transportation community at a relatively low cost while creating more jobs in Louisiana.

The funds will facilitate the next two years of lab and field testing of the smart sealant to increase the sealants stability under environmental attack, prepare different versions, test it in cold regions and test it with the Louisiana Accelerated Loading Facility machine, a device that simulates the weight and movement of traffic for pavement testing.

“The Louisiana Multi-Functional-Materials Group at Innovation Park demonstrates what we can accomplish when we capitalize on LSU faculty brain power and support women-owned businesses,” LSU Innovation Park Executive Director Charles F. D’Agostino said. “What’s particularly exciting about LAMG receiving Federal Lab support is it gives exposure and rewards women and universities who are working hard to bring value to the community.”

About LBTC

The Louisiana Business and Technology Center, or LBTC, was created in 1988 as a joint venture between LSU, the Greater Baton Rouge Chamber of Commerce and the Louisiana Public Facilities Authority. LBTC operates as a business incubation program and provides management assistance, technology transfer assistance, resources and access to capital. The center ranks among the top 10 entrepreneur programs in the nation.


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