LSU Looks to Add Physical Addresses, Enhance Campus Wayfinding as Part of Roadway Modernization Plan

BATON ROUGE – As part of the university’s Comprehensive and Strategic Master Plan approved by the LSU Board of Supervisors at their October meeting, the university will be adding physical addresses to campus buildings as part of the roadway modernization plan.

The goal of the roadway modernization is to have improved wayfinding on campus that is cohesive and helps the university move toward implementation of a GPS-based address numbering system for all buildings, including coordinates to main entrances and service entrances to improve emergency response, deliveries and directions for those on campus.

As part of addressing the campus transportation and mobility, LSU Planning, Design & Construction evaluated all roadway names and developed a systematic approach to long term roadway naming on campus. The Master Plan Roadway Naming Modernization Plan establishes criteria for renaming some campus roadways and introduces names for others, all in an effort to help enhance wayfinding efforts at LSU. In the past, the nomenclature used for names, such as street, drive, lane, etc., hasn’t followed any set criteria. As part of the review process, best practices and guidelines in transportation and mobility were utilized to determine the most appropriate nomenclature to apply to campus going forward.

According to LSU Planning, Design & Construction, updating appropriate long-term roadway names in conjunction with the addressing effort will allow for a one-time update to the campus mapping system and signage, allowing building occupants to only adjust their address once, and provide future logical naming structure related to the comprehensive mobility plan in the Comprehensive and Strategic Master Plan.

During the review process, research was conducted on those who have campus roadways named for them and their contribution to the university. The majority had little to no significant connection to LSU and were named without a formal process. The one exception is Skip Bertman Drive, as this being the most recent roadway to be named after an individual with appropriate consideration and adoption.

LSU scheduled the changing out of street signs to take place following the conclusion of the home football season. The university is working with the City of Baton Rouge on signs changes to occur during non-peak hours to minimize any traffic disruptions on major campus roadways.

The following roadways are being adjusted as part of the master plan roadway naming modernization plan:


Original Name Proposed Name
AgCenter Drive AgCenter Lane
Unnamed Athletic Service Lane
Unnamed Campus Lake Lane
Isaac Cline Drive Cubs Circle
Ceba Lane Engineering Lane
Unnamed Evangeline Circle
Etienne de Bore Field House Drive
West/East Fraternity Lane Fraternity Lane
Infirmary Road Infirmary Lane
Unnamed LADDL Lane
Unnamed Landscape Services Lane
Unnamed Law Circle
Unnamed Live Oaks Lane
Unnamed Parade Ground Circle
Unnamed Parker Coliseum Lane
Dorothy Dix Drive Parking Lot
Mike Donahue Drive Parking Lot
Minnie Fisk Drive Parking Lot
Unnamed Soccer Lane
Nicholson Drive Extension South Quad Drive
Governor Claiborne Drive Spruce Lane
Unnamed Tiger Park Lane
Unnamed Touchdown Village Lane
Unnamed Vet School Lane
Unnamed Vet Lane
Raphael Semmes Road Veterans Drive
Unnamed Warehouse Lane
Unnamed (South of South Stadium Drive) West Stadium Drive




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