LSU’s Laura Choate Offers Guidance for Raising Daughters in the Environment of Today

Swimming UpstreamBATON ROUGE – In “Swimming Upstream: Parenting Girls for Resilience in a Toxic Culture,” LSU’s Laura H. Choate – counselor, professor and mom – offers her guidance and reassurance to parents who want to raise healthy daughters in a challenging environment, as well as educators and others who are in a position to influence young girls in various arenas.

Armed with strategies and supplemental activities, Choate discusses positive body image, healthy relationships with friends and romantic partners, thriving in high pressure academic situations, and the ability to self-regulate, as well as:

  • What determines a girl's worth?
  • Finding balance between tech and face-to-face time
  • How to keep communication lines open
  • The process of helping girls to form an authentic identity
  • Preventing depression or navigating mental health challenges
  • How empowered adults empower the young girls around them

As cultural changes continue to infiltrate the world, “Swimming Upstream,” now available from Oxford University Press, provides readers with the direction and the confidence to raise and positively inspire the young girls in their lives.

“I know from daily experience that parenting is hard, and it is even harder to go against the cultural tide. It takes energy to swim upstream. Sometimes I have the energy to fight, and other times I don’t. Some days while writing this book, I have buried myself in research articles and books by parenting experts, and have been writing about these issues all day. I’m bolstered by all of this sound parenting expertise and am pleased with my writing; all is right in the world. Then I pick up my kids from school, and I realize I’m not even close to following my own advice! I hope it is reassuring to you to hear that even when we know the right thing to do, it doesn’t happen perfectly every time,” Choate said.

Choate is professor of counselor education in the LSU College of Human Sciences & Education. She was awarded the 2013 Best Practices Award by the American Counseling Association and is a former editor of the Journal of College Counseling.

Choate is the author of three books: “Girls and Women’s Wellness: Contemporary Counseling Issues and Interventions,” "Eating Disorders and Obesity: A Counselor’s Guide to Prevention and Treatment” and “Adolescent Girls in Distress: A Guide to Mental Health Treatment and Prevention.” She has 40 publications in journals and books, most of which have been related to mental health for girls and women.

Choate lives in Baton Rouge with her husband and preteen son and daughter. 



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