LSU College of Humanities & Social Sciences Announces New 3+3 Program in Partnership with the Paul M. Hebert Law Center

01/23/2015 03:35 PM

BATON ROUGE – The College of Humanities and Social Sciences and the Paul M. Hebert Law Center are partnering together to launch a new 3+3 program this fall, allowing students to receive a bachelor’s and law degree in six years time.

“This program is a natural fit for the College of Humanities & Social Sciences. Our curricula provide students with the necessary analytical, critical thinking and writing skills that are essential for success in law school,” said Stacia Haynie, dean of the LSU College of Humanities & Social Sciences. “With most of our departments and programs participating, HSS majors have the added benefit of taking law-related courses already available to them. The campus pre-law advisor is also part of HSS Student Services.”

The program will provide highly motivated students with a fast path to law school. Instead of taking the traditional seven-year route, the 3+3 program will allow students to complete major coursework – including core classes required for law school – in addition to other coursework to obtain a bachelor’s degree in three years.

In addition, students who meet the Law Center’s entrance requirements can apply for admission upon entering their junior year. If accepted, students will be eligible to begin studying at the Law Center during their fourth year at LSU. During that time, all completed coursework will count toward the final year of the undergraduate degree, as well as the first year of the law degree.

“There are more LSU graduates at LSU Law than from any other undergraduate institution. We hope that 3+3 will encourage even more outstanding LSU students to stay at LSU for their legal education," said Jack Weiss, chancellor of the LSU Paul M. Hebert Law Center. “Furthermore, the new 3+3 program will make it cheaper and quicker for LSU students to get two first-rate degrees – an undergraduate degree from LSU and a law degree from LSU Law in just six years. Plus those who have TOPS may be able to use it for the first year of law school."

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Tara  Kistler 
LSU Media Relations

Posted on Friday, January 23, 2015