Fourteen Complete LSU/Campus Federal Workplace Financial Literacy Program

12/11/2014 08:43 AM

BATON ROUGE – On Tuesday, Dec. 9, 14 Facility Services employees completed the LSU/Campus Federal Workplace Literacy Program. The graduates, along with their family and friends, participated in an awards ceremony in the LSU Energy, Coast & Environment Building, where LSU President & Chancellor F. King Alexander provided remarks.

“I want to congratulate you on this. You can never have too much financial literacy,” said Alexander. “What you’re doing is not only impacting campus and your own lives, but I encourage you to share it with your kids, share it with your family members. We are just honored and offer our congratulations to you on behalf of the entire university.”

Joining in providing remarks were Roxane Berthelot, business development with Campus Federal; Dawn Harris, Campus Federal CEO/president; Dereck Rovaris Sr., vice provost for the Office of Diversity; graduates Alisia Armstrong, Cora Anderson, Lillian Chaney, Gerald Thomas, Melissa Nelson, Cary Payton and Frances Robertson; and Blaine Grimes, Campus Federal financial education instructor.

“Thank you for the time and effort that you put into the program, and congratulations on this achievement,” said Harris.  

“This is a good thing we’ve done today,” said Rovaris. “I’m so proud of you and of what you have accomplished.”

Campus Federal started the program in 2005 to address negative marks such as charge-offs, bankruptcy and to serve as a testimony of its commitment to LSU. In developing the program, Campus Federal shared with LSU and facility services human resources representatives how financial education improves employee retention, in particular underserved employees. The program covers topics such as savings, credit and budgeting and is centered around homeownership. Since its inception, more than 200 LSU landscape and building service employees have completed the 18-week, semester-long program.

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The December 2014 LSU/Campus Federal Workplace Financial Literacy program graduates: Cora Anderson, Alisia Armstrong, Lillian Chaney, Meta Ellison, Josie Johnson, Linda Johnson, Iesha King, Melissa Nelson, Cary Payton, Ruby Porche, Frances Robertson, Gerald Thomas, Sade Wilson and Elaine Williams.



Tara  Kistler 
LSU Media Relations

Posted on Thursday, December 11, 2014