LSU’s Innovation Park Welcomes Consulting Firm Belle Terre Consultants LLC

05/22/2014 11:48 AM

BATON ROUGE – In April, business veterans Zia Tammami and Don Hays established the niche professional consulting firm Belle Terre Consultants LLC at the LSU Innovation Park Complex. The co-founders’ provide a strong foundation for the Baton Rouge-based consulting firm through their business experiences in Environmental Consulting and Economic/Business Development.

Since 1983, Tammami has managed offices for national and international consulting firms. He conducted major groundwater assessments for more than 30 major petro-chemical facilities in Louisiana and Texas, and developed master plans for both industrial and municipal landfills. Hays has worked in management positions of economic development organization for the state, regional and local levels. Hays has also engaged in private sector businesses ranging from startups to multi-national companies hold senor marketing positions.

Mahmood Sabahi, who was the lead research scientist with Albemarle, has also joined Belle Terre Consultants. Sabahi leads the company’s sustainability program.

The company offers an array of valuable consulting services including:

  • Siting and permitting for major petro-chemical facilities and program management;
  • Financial incentive analysis and recovery support – including LED programs and Environmental Incentives;
  • Landfill master-planning;
  • Sustainability strategies for the petro-chemical industry;
  • Commercialization of new bio generation technology;
  • Litigation support;
  • Leachate and methane gas treatment assessment;
  • Innovative approaches to enhanced energy recovery, utilizing bio augmentation;
  • Site selection, geotechnical assessment and development of site master plans;
  • Business Park and Eco Park feasibility studies.


For more information about Belle Terre Consultants LLC, contact managing partners Tammami or Hays at 225-341-5724 or email

Ernie  Ballard 
LSU Media Relations

Posted on Thursday, May 22, 2014