LSU Education Students Travelling Abroad

05/21/2013 02:19 PM

BATON ROUGE – The LSU School of Education, part of the College of Human Sciences & Education, offered students an unparalleled study abroad opportunity through the Teaching in Chile Experience beginning this year on May 18.

Twenty students from the School of Education headed Concepcion, Chile, for a three-week study abroad program at Thomas Jefferson School, or TJS, a bilingual immersion school. During their time in Chile, students will have the opportunity to not only immerse themselves in a new culture, but to also experience a school environment where English is not the primary language.

This important program directly aligns itself with the LSU Flagship 2020 goals of discovery, learning, diversity and engagement. The Teaching in Chile Experience addresses contemporary and enduring issues in the world; our students live with a Spanish-speaking host family, giving them unparalleled perspective about what it feels like for American students in our classrooms who do not speak English as their first language. This program also enhances a learning environment that engages citizens and enlightens leaders, broadens the cultural diversity of the LSU community and engages members in the transformation of communities. While students’ eyes are opened to a broader world and different perspectives in education, they also lend expertise to the Chilean teachers by developing on-going assessment procedures and techniques for classroom behavior management in Chile.

The Teaching in Chile Experience matches LSU students with host families whose children attend TJS to ensure participants are fully immersed in both the educational development of the child as well as the local customs. From the perspective of the host families, LSU students are able to bring English into their homes, enhancing the bilingual immersion approach of the school.

All students will complete 120 hours of a supervised, teaching internship while achieving LSU class credit through EDCI 4800, Multicultural Education and Schools. Students are also offered to take EDCI 4701, Trends & Issues in Educating Learners with Exceptionalities.

Program Co-Director Kenny Varner, assistant professor in the School of Education, brought the program to LSU in 2012. School of Education Associate Professor Ken Denny and Instructor Margaret Denny serve as program co-directors with Varner and have prepared candidates for the experience of living and studying abroad since January. To learn more about the Teaching in Chile Experience, visit, or e-mail Kenny Varner at

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Billy  Gomila 
LSU Media Relations

Posted on Tuesday, May 21, 2013