Hemline@LSU to Host Annual Contour Fashion Show May 15 at Lyceum Ballroom

05/15/2013 10:49 AM

BATON ROUGE – Hemline@LSU, the student organization to promote fashion design and merchandising at LSU, will hold its annual Contour fashion show on Wednesday, May 15, at The Lyceum Ballroom, 124 Third St., Baton Rouge. This event features premier original garments designed and handmade by LSU apparel design junior and senior students.


Contour will be divided into three sections - junior and senior class collections, including the “Marsh on the Catwalk” alligator competition; a “Little Black Dress” styling competition; and a special presentation featuring items from LSU alumnus Anthony Ryan Auld’s ROAR collection.


In the “Little Black Dress” competition, LSU fashion merchandising students will be styling the classic and essential outfit to showcase their skills in styling and presentation. This part of the show will allow merchandising students to be a part of a typically design-based show by putting an interesting twist on an everyday garment.


The show will also feature a segment on Auld, an alumnus of the LSU textile, apparel design and merchandising program, or TAM, and winner of season two of the fashion design reality television series, “Project Runway All Stars.” Auld has teamed up with Mary Kathryn Rodrigue and Nick Rauber to form a new foundation called ROAR: Why Whisper When You Can Roar. The project is about connectivity and finding purpose through style, design and expression.


As one of the garments in their senior design collections class, 22 LSU students from the TAM division in the LSU College of Agriculture’s School of Human Ecology developed personal and professional growth by designing and working with women facing a life adversity.


“The assignment was to integrate design techniques and aesthetics while infusing psychological exercises designed to stimulate creativity and style,” said LSU TAM Assistant Professors Lisa Barona McRoberts. “The overall goal was to assist students in finding their design style through personal and professional growth while learning social responsibility by donating a garment to a ROAR survivor of life adversity. The project was designed to celebrate the enduring spirit of women of diverse culture, demographics and life situations by custom designing them a garment in collaboration with a student designer.”


For the third consecutive year, senior design student collections at the show will incorporate garments designed and constructed using Grade 3 Louisiana alligator skin. This competition, sponsored by the Louisiana Alligator Advisory Council through a grant with McRoberts and fellow LSU TAM Assistant Professor Chuanlan Liu, is called “Marsh on the Catwalk.” The top three students will receive monetary awards totaling $500.


“Many designers, manufacturers, retailers and consumers are not aware that slightly flawed alligator skins can be used to create consumer products that are beautiful, functional and very durable,” McRoberts said. “They may assume that alligator leather products are only available to upscale consumers who have large discretionary incomes. However, currently there is an abundance of alligator skins that are slightly imperfect. Using the less-than-perfect skins will aid the sustainability program for the American alligator and provide necessary economic stimulus and development for the state of Louisiana and alligator landowners, farmers, tanneries and trappers. This will also assist in preserving the natural habitat of the American alligator."


The purpose of this project is to introduce student designers to the use of the Grade 3 hides, thereby influencing future fashion industry professionals on the use of a more affordable and sustainable raw material. Students in a senior-level apparel design course will use alligator skins to develop fashion apparel products that would appeal to mainstream consumers. Additionally, students will explore market potential and motivation for consumers to purchase such products. All products developed will be used for promotion of Grade 3 alligator hides.


Hemline is an LSU student organization dedicated to promoting fashion creativity and awareness among LSU students and the Baton Rouge community. It accomplishes this goal by participating in community service projects and having speakers talk at meetings about the local fashion industry. To learn more about Hemline@LSU or the Contour fashion show, visit the group’s Facebook page at www.facebook.com/HemlineAtLSU or email hemlineLSU@gmail.com.


While ticket sales have ended online for the event, a limited number of $10 general admission tickets will be available for purchase at the door.


To learn more about the LSU textile, apparel design and merchandising division, visit http://www.tam.huec.lsu.edu.

Aaron  Looney 
LSU Media Relations

Posted on Wednesday, May 15, 2013