LSU Student Employee of the Year 2013 Awarded to Senior Candace Elenez

04/18/2013 11:53 AM

BATON ROUGE – The LSU Office of Enrollment Management recently awarded Candace Elenez, a student worker at LSU’s University College, the 2013 LSU Student Employee of the Year award. Elenez was nominated by Paul Ivey, executive director of LSU University College.


LSU Student Employee of the Year is awarded annually to a student worker across all disciplines and unites the LSU campus. Each unit or department is able and encouraged to submit excellent student workers who embody a strong work ethic and have made a significant impact in their work role.


“Student employees are a vital part of college campuses across the nation, and LSU is no exception,” said Amy Marix, associate director of LSU financial aid and scholarships in the Office of Enrollment Management. “LSU employs more than 5,000 students each year. Being a student employee is more than just a job. Student employment provides career-enhancing opportunities, the abilities to develop skills relevant to academic disciplines, and the necessary preparation and assistance for the competitive job market.”


Elenez is a native of Garland, Texas and daughter of Emiliano “Buddy” and Becky Elenez. She is a senior majoring in interdisciplinary studies, with minors in business administration, entrepreneurship and fine arts. She is the treasurer for LSU’s Sigma Phi Lambda chapter, as well as the campus representative for Kids Across America Kamps and AFTERdark Ministries.


Elenez began her student employment with LSU Theatre, serving there for three years before moving to University College, where she has worked for the past year. Her work experience includes researching and prepping media features, as well as designing artwork and publications. She has led social media initiatives and event coordination while maintaining the integrity of LSU’s college and university programs.


Elenez’s efforts are not only behind the scenes, but also on the front lines. For example, she assisted organizing and hosting a reception and backstage tour for LSU Theatre patrons after Swine Palace’s production of “Pride and Prejudice.” This event enabled LSU Theatre patrons and university donors to experience conversations and photo opportunities with actors, set and costume designers and the play’s director.


“Students who work part-time on LSU campus meet more faculty, staff and administrators, and develop their own professional networks,” said Kurt Keppler, vice chancellor for LSU Student Life & Enrollment. “Student assistants are critical to campus departments. Many students work for the same office for several years and become essential personnel. National research shows that student employees, who work two to three hours a day or less, get better grades than students who work off campus or choose not to work at all.”


Marix noted that student employees vitally effect the day-to-day operations of LSU departments and the quality of our service to the students, families, staff and faculty that make up the LSU community. Like many other universities, LSU is highly dependent on the immeasurable contribution from its student workforce. For students, on-campus employment provides a network of relationships developed that continue to serve students after graduation and can be critical to obtaining job opportunities and launching students’ careers.


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Aaron  Looney 
LSU Media Relations

Posted on Thursday, April 18, 2013