LSU Coastal Sustainability Studio Wins National Award for Collaborative Practice in Architectural Education

04/11/2013 10:33 AM

BATON ROUGE – The LSU Coastal Sustainability Studio, or CSS, a trans-disciplinary program of the LSU College of Art & Design, College of Engineering and School of the Coast & Environment, has been awarded the prestigious Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture, or ACSA, Collaborative Practice Award for 2012-13.


ACSA Board President Donna Robertson presented the award during the ACSA annual meeting on March 21-24 in San Francisco to Jeff Carney, CSS director and associate professor of architecture; Jori Erdman, director of the School of Architecture and professor of architecture; Bradley Cantrell, director of the Robert C. Reich School of Landscape Architecture and associate professor of landscape architecture; and Meredith Sattler, assistant professor of architecture.


The ACSA Collaborative Practice Award recognizes university architecture programs and projects that demonstrate how faculty, students and community clients can work together to realize common objectives. Participation by colleagues from other academic disciplines is encouraged.


“We are honored to be selected for the highly competitive ACSA Collaborative Practice Award,” said Carney. “This award is a significant measure of the ability for design to speak to a broader audience.”


CSS is unique in the nation in that it brings together disciplines that normally work separately so that it can respond to critical coastal issues in the most comprehensive way. Many previous coastal protection and restoration efforts have been engineering or science based, leaving out the human element. CSS offers a new paradigm, allowing designers such as architects, landscape architects and city planners to have a voice in the process.


The studio, housed in the LSU Design Building, is based around the concept of “design thinking,” and design research projects are the primary focus. All CSS projects include faculty and students from architecture collaborating with other disciplines to address Louisiana’s coastal issues.


“I am very proud of the role the School of Architecture has played with the success of the Coastal Sustainability Studio,” Erdmann said. “Through the CSS, our faculty has participated in research and outreach projects with engineers, photographers, landscape architects and coastal scientists. The projects and the studio provide an excellent vehicle for the type of interdisciplinary and collaborative work that is celebrated with this award.”


Other CSS board members and faculty who participated but were unable to attend the award ceremony in San Francisco were Robert Twilley, Louisiana Sea Grant director; Lynne Carter, CSS associate director and associate director of the Southern Climate Impacts Planning Program; Elizabeth Mossop, professor of landscape architecture; John R. White, associate professor of oceanography and coastal sciences; Kristi Dykema Cheramie, assistant professor of landscape architecture; and Ursula Emery-McClure, associate professor of architecture


The mission of ACSA is to advance architectural education through support of member schools, their faculty and students.


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Aaron  Looney 
LSU Media Relations

Posted on Thursday, April 11, 2013