LSU Researcher Named Center for Juvenile Justice Reform Fellow

02/18/2013 03:21 PM

BATON ROUGE – Samuel Robison, research associate in the LSU School of Social Work’s Office of Social Service Research Development, or OSSRD, has been selected as a new member of the Center for Juvenile Justice Reform, or CJJR, Fellows Network based on the approval of his outstanding capstone project.

Robison’s capstone project, titled the Louisiana Longitudinal study, is focused on at-risk youth and associates social, criminogenic and economic issues in Louisiana. Through this project, Robison is helping to create a data warehouse of information to track Louisiana’s population from early childhood through adulthood.

“We are constructing a large research database that will allow us to examine the life pathways of an at-risk population, and to identify the negative and positive factors affecting them,” Robison said.

His project began with work on the relationship between school dropout and involvement with the corrections system and an examination of the long-term outcomes of children served by the Truancy Assessment and Service Center, or TASC, program. The intervention program previously administered and evaluated by OSSRD addresses the factors keeping children out of school. Robison proposed a one-year plan for this project to move forward.

“Through the research opportunities it provides, this project could benefit the state and help to pull people out of cycles of poverty, crime, and educational failure,” Robison said.

The mission of CJJR is to advance a balanced, multi-system approach to reduce juvenile delinquency and promote positive youth development. It provides strong national leadership by identifying and highlighting research on policies and practices that best suit its approach.

Robison attended the 2012 CJJR summer training at Georgetown University and received his letter of approval in December, 2012.

“We are so proud of Sam,” Director of OSSRD Cecile Guin said. “The faculty for the training includes some of the most prestigious names in our field.”

Robison graduated from LSU in 2010 with his Ph. D. in International Relations. His secondary study of comparative politics represents his main interest in political science.
“My educational experience at LSU has taught me how to think about things more critically,” Robison said. “I had incredible mentors to guide me.”

Robison will be considered for the Capstone of the Year Award in March 2014, which is given to the individual who has made the most significant progress with youth in their community.

“Issues associated with at-risk children are critically important,” Robison said. “CJJR recognizes this and provides valuable resources for those who are trying to make things better for the population.”

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Billy  Gomila 
LSU Media Relations

Posted on Monday, February 18, 2013