LSU Develops New Designation Process for Service-Learning Classes

10/23/2012 02:11 PM

BATON ROUGE – LSU service-learning classes are undergoing a new designation process in order for the university to recognize them as service-learning.


The LSU Community Engagement Advisory Council and Center for Community Engagement, Learning and Leadership, or CCELL, implemented the new process this fall. The objectives of the designation process are to: a) provide a uniform, high quality standard for service-learning classes; b) ensure the safety of all constituents participating in service-learning; c) to institutionalize service-learning as a high-impact educational practice for retention.


All classes using service-learning pedagogy must be designated. Applications to designate a class may be submitted online at  To be designated as service-learning, classes must demonstrate that service-learning activities support the attainment of one or more course objectives and address a need identified by the community being served.


Previously designated service-learning classes and faculty will need to be re-designated using the new process; however, this review will be conducted in stages over the next five years. Faculty will not need to re-apply for designation until contacted by CCELL. Any class that has not been designated through CCELL before must be submitted for the new designation before it will be considered LSU service-learning. If a previously designated class is being taught by a new/different faculty member for the first time, it must be submitted for the new designation before it will be considered LSU service-learning. Classes with required and optional service-learning components must apply for the designation.


The designation will generally be granted for a specific faculty member’s course section, unless otherwise specified. Barring any major changes to the course, the designation does not need re-approval every semester, although recertification will be necessary after a period of 5 years.


Classes recognized with the service-learning designation are eligible for resources offered through CCELL, which has established service-learning partnerships with more than 450 community partners. CCELL provides training for new service-learning faculty and offers funding opportunities and information pertaining to the scholarship of engagement.


The number of service-learning classes in a department and college is included as a performance indicator under the new Flagship Agenda 2020. Only classes that apply for and receive the new service-learning designation will be recognized in these totals.


More information and the online designation application are available on the CCELL website at

Billy  Gomila 
LSU Media Relations

Posted on Tuesday, October 23, 2012