LSU College of Engineering Announces Coastal & Ecological Engineering Master’s Degree Program

10/01/2012 03:27 PM

BATON ROUGE – Responding to Louisiana’s demand for highly educated and skilled engineers to work on coastal and wetland problems unique to deltaic systems, the LSU Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering launched a new Master of Science degree program in coastal and ecological engineering.


The program was developed in response to the continuous threat of coastal flooding, erosion of Louisiana's barrier islands and loss of coastal wetlands along Louisiana’s unique estuaries and shorelines.


The Louisiana Board of Regents approved the new program, which will be jointly administered with the LSU Department of Oceanography and Coastal Sciences, beginning in spring 2012.


"There is a tremendous workforce need for engineers who have a solid understanding of the coastal and ecological complexity of deltaic systems and are well-versed in hurricane impacts on infrastructure, both here in Louisiana and around the world," said George Voyiadjis, department chair and Boyd professor in the Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering. "This degree puts LSU at the forefront of training engineers who have strong analytic skills in both traditional coastal engineering and in deltaic and ecosystem restoration."


Students participating in the new degree program are required to complete 24 course credits, one seminar credit and six thesis credits. The curriculum ensures that students complete the program with an in-depth understanding of both coastal and ecological engineering.


There are currently both full- and part-time students enrolled in the program, and the first graduates are expected in December 2012.


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Mimi  LaValle 
Department of Physics & Astronomy

Posted on Monday, October 1, 2012