LSU Libraries to Begin Use of Discovery Service for Easier Content Searchto Search Content

08/08/2012 10:56 AM

BATON ROUGE – Beginning this fall, conducting research at LSU libraries will be much easier, as a new tool will offer a broader search option within the libraries’ resources.


On Aug. 13, LSU Libraries will fully implement its new Discovery service – a Google-like interface that searches much of the libraries’ content, including e-books, journal articles, reference sources, newspapers from around the world and information about books and other print material in the libraries.


Discovery, short for EBSCO Discovery Service, searches across the LSU Libraries’ catalog and many of its databases and online resources, so that customers will have a one-stop search engine that returns high quality content in books, journals, archives and databases.


“The students I’ve shown this to so far have been very enthusiastic,” said Sigrid Kelsey, electronic reference resources and web development coordinator for LSU Libraries. “They are now able to retrieve excellent library resources with one search, which used to require separately searching numerous databases Students will no longer need to know which database they should search for any given topic.”


Kelsey noted that even with the addition of Discovery, the resources patrons are accustomed to using are not going away. Discovery simply provides a unified access point to many of the resources. The links to the individual resources will continue to be available for those who need to do more specialized searching.


Implementation of Discovery was funded by LOUIS: The Louisiana Library Network, with an additional enhancement purchased by LSU Libraries.


For more information on the implementation of Discovery within LSU Libraries, email Kelsey at

Aaron  Looney 
LSU Media Relations

Posted on Wednesday, August 8, 2012