LSU Theatre Lab to Present Performances of “Mud” Feb. 28-March 4 in Studio Theatre

02/10/2012 02:48 PM

BATON ROUGE – LSU Theatre Lab will present “Mud,” directed by Maxwell Thornton, Feb. 28-March 4 in the Studio Theatre, located in the Music & Dramatic Arts Building on Dalrymple Drive.


“Mud” is a story about surviving based on what you know, as well as what you may not know. It is about a young woman, Mae, and a young man, Lloyd. They have grown up together since the adults deserted them as young children. They are not brother and sister, and they are not married. They “are like animals.” Mae yearns for an education as she works her way through each day, attending classes and ironing clothes. Lloyd, a stubborn man-child, refuses to go to the doctor for help with his sickness. Henry, a man who can read – sort of, comes into Mae and Lloyd’s lives so as to share his wisdom, but a violent and visceral love triangle ensues.


“Mud deals with the fine line between the civilized world and the biological world — it merges the two and shows this fine line,” said Mike Augustine, who plays the role of Henry. “He [Henry] is like the patriarch, but he represents the egotistical and isolated male in society.”


Lauren Stefanski, who plays Mae, said that “Mud” is “about socioeconomic struggle, and how we try to identify ourselves. Characters are trying to fill some void, whatever it may be.” Stefanski described her character as “idealistic, and wants to be in this ‘Other Place.’ She is always fighting for the better, or what she thinks is better, and she is upbeat, with a bright energy, always fighting for the win.”


María Irene Fornés, author of “Mud,” is a winner of seven Obie Awards in the categories of Distibguished Playwriting, Playwriting and Directing, Directing and Outstanding Achievement. She is known for her Samuel Beckett-inspired work. Much of her avant-garde work has premiered all over the world, and though she is often thought to be a feminist writer, her plays go beyond just one –ism. She has written some of the most unique, unsettling, and beautiful theatre in the last several decades.


Productions of “Mud” will be held Feb. 28 through March 3, at 7:30 p.m. each evening. A matinee performance will also be held on Sunday, March 4, at 2 p.m. Tickets are $10 each, and can only be purchased at the door.

Aaron  Looney 
LSU Media Relations

Posted on Friday, February 10, 2012