LSU College of Agriculture Alumna, Registered Dietician Jamie Mascari Featured in Times Picayune Article

11/28/2011 10:16 AM

BATON ROUGE – Jamie Mascari, an alumna of the LSU College of Agriculture and a registered dietician working with LSU Athletics, was recently featured in a Times-Picayune article concerning the increase in enlistment of sports nutritionists and personal chefs in both college and professional athletics.


“(The number of) chefs who are competent in sports nutrition and know how specific foods and combinations of ingredients work to promote the optimal recovery meal is definitely growing, and many athletic teams are utilizing the chefs’ skills and expertise in order to adequately fuel their athletes,” Mascari told columnist and registered dietician Molly Kimball.


In the column, titled “LSU dietitian on the cutting edge of movement to change the way that athletes eat,” Mascari also discusses information included in a recent Sports Illustrated article concerning how an increased awareness of nutrition is shifting the paradigm of athletics.


“Without the proper fuel and recovery, the LSU athletes may not perform and compete at such high levels,” she said. “Also, many student-athletes have hopes of continuing on to the professional level, and they want that extra edge that will help to get them there. For many, nutrition seems to be that missing link.”


Mascari also discusses in the article how she helps the top-ranked LSU Tiger football team maintain a healthy and nutritious diet during both pre-season and regular season activities.


The full article, which appears in the Times-Picayune’s Nov. 25 Living section, under the New Orleans Health and Fitness subsection, can be viewed online by visiting


For more healthy eating tips from Mascari and the LSU Athletics Training staff, visit the “Healthy Tiger” blog at, or follow “Healthy Tiger” on Twitter, @HealthyTigerLSU.

Aaron  Looney 
LSU Media Relations

Posted on Monday, November 28, 2011