LSU Agriculture Residential College Holds First Annual Parade of Species at Block and Bridle Rodeo

11/22/2011 10:12 AM

BATON ROUGE – On Nov. 17, students in the LSU College of Agriculture’s Residential College, or ARC, organized the first annual Parade of Species, which was held in conjunction with the all-student night of the LSU Block and Bridle Rodeo.


During the parade, students secured animals from the LSU AgCenter Swine Unit, Poultry Unit, Dairy Farm and various other members of the LSU community. In pairs, they led animals around Parker Coliseum, where an announcer gave information about each animal.


The animals featured included a hen, rooster, rabbit, goose, three 17-day old piglets, a chicken, a pair of goats, a Brahman steer, a Holstein cow, two horses, a mouse, a cat and a variety of dogs, some of which are part of the ARC’s Animal Assisted Therapy program.


Many of the featured animals are used by the AgCenter to educate children about where food comes from, and why it is so important that food animal producers respect the animals that provide our food.


Student parade participants included Kirby Brannon, Kali Sherman, Maribeth Broussard, Alissa Clark, Olivia Bell-Hanegan, Alexandra Brown, Amanda Clarke, Kathryn Dansereau, Emily Dauzat, Charlotte Davidson, Natalie Diaz-Paz, Haley Geary, Alec Hauser, Claire Jones, Surbhi Kamboj, Hannah Lambert, Emily Manuel, Sami Marchand, Brandi Mitchell, Julianne Mott, Ashley Pace, Kelsey Phillips, Clarisse Sanchez, Reagan Savoie, Taylor Smith, Dara Strickland, Ross Thompson, Aurora Vargas, Derrel Wilright, Brandon Cheron, Amanda Krause, Kasey Bordelon, Victoria Hogan, Carys Hall, Nicholas Jones, Ascha McDay, Jennifer Basile, Cydney Free and Jasmine Tregre.


Faculty members who helped organize the parade and provide animals included Betsy Garrison, Laura Gentry, Glenn Gentry, Jennifer Ritchie, Randy Morrell, Bethany Fisher and Rebecca Lirette.  


The College of Agriculture Residential College is open to all first year students in the College of Agriculture. The residential college focuses on “Ag Leadership,” a reoccurring theme throughout this program designed for first-year Agriculture students. By taking several core courses together, students will more quickly form relationships with classmates and professors both inside the classroom and out. The residence hall will offer opportunities to travel and host several special interest lectures that focus on the diverse needs of today’s ever changing world. By living in a “mini-campus” atmosphere within the larger LSU campus, students will achieve a greater sense of awareness, cultural competence, leadership, and community.

Aaron  Looney 
LSU Media Relations

Posted on Tuesday, November 22, 2011