LSU Professor Honored by Oregon State Alumni Association

11/17/2011 04:43 PM

BATON ROUGE – The Oregon State University, or OSU, Alumni Association has presented LSU College of Education Associate Professor Maria Kosma with the 2011 OSU Young Alumni Award.


Kosma was nominated by Bradley J. Cardinal, a professor of social psychology of physical activity and co-director of the sport and exercise psychology program in the College of Public Health and Human Sciences at OSU.


“By all indications, Dr. Kosma’s time at Louisiana State University has been exceptional and productive, involving multiple research collaborations and strong and positive student evaluations of her teaching,” Cardinal said in his nomination letter. “She has also been a conscientious and willing contributor in the area of university and professional service.”


Kosma participated in various departmental activities at OSU between Nov. 2 and Nov. 6.  She was a featured speaker at the “Classes Without Quizzes” homecoming seminar.


“She did a wonderful job representing LSU here at OSU,” said Cardinal. “Her presentation during the ‘Classes Without Quizzes’ program was quite thought-provoking and yielded a great deal of audience participation and response. That was terrific fun to see and experience.”


Kosma earned a bachelor’s degree in physical education and sport science at the National & Kapodistrian University of Athens, Greece, in 1997 and a master’s degree in exercise and sport science/adapted physical activity from the University of Jyväskylä, Jyväskylä, Finland, in 1999. She earned a doctorate in philosophy in exercise and sport science/movement studies in disabilities from OSU in 2003.  


“During my doctoral studies at OSU, I enjoyed a multifaceted academic program, and since I was hired at LSU, I have been enjoying a rich culture and a diverse and strong student body,” said Kosma.


Kosma’s research focuses on the study of theory-based psychosocial determinants of physical activity for improved health, using advanced statistical and methodological techniques among adults with physical disabilities and older adults. She includes service-learning experiences to enhance student learning by applying theory to practice in her teaching.


She has received many honors and awards, including the Graduate Student Research Award from the Research Consortium of the American Alliance for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance, or AAHPERD, in 2003, Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation from the National Association for Sport and Physical Education Sport and Exercise Psychology Academy in 2004 and the Mabel Lee Award for young professionals from AAHPERD in 2007. She was named a fellow in the AAHPHERD Research Consortium in 2008.


“Dr. Kosma is becoming a distinguished national and international leader in the area of physical activity and health promotion among people with physical disabilities and other at-risk and underserved population segments,” said Cardinal.  “I believe she is an outstanding young alumnus of OSU.”


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Billy  Gomila 
LSU Media Relations

Posted on Thursday, November 17, 2011