LSU SDMI Participates on CSIS Task Force on U.S.-Japan Cooperation

11/17/2011 01:12 PM

BATON ROUGE – The Center for Strategic and International Studies, or CSIS, Task Force on U.S.-Japan Cooperation released a  new report and series of recommendations, titled “Partnership for Recovery and a Stronger Future: Standing with Japan after 3-11.” Col. Joseph Booth, executive director of the LSU Stephenson Disaster Management Institute, or SDMI, serves as a member of the CSIS task force.


“The recommendations in this report are substantive and envision building upon a strong Japanese-U.S. relationship in meeting the challenges of recovery,” said Booth. “I look forward to the continued success of the Japanese recovery from the events of 3-11.”


Jim McNerney, chairman, president and chief executive officer of The Boeing Company, chaired the Task Force, which is comprised of business leaders; leading scholars; and functional experts to examine ways the United States and Japan can partner on recovery and reconstruction from the March 11 earthquake and tsunami.


“The Task Force has produced a series of constructive recommendations in support of reconstruction and recovery and focused considerable attention on the leading role of the private sector in the reconstruction process,” McNerney said. “Many of these recommendations call for joint Japanese-U.S. actions that will further strengthen the alliance while addressing the challenges at hand.”


Coordinated by CSIS in partnership with Keidanren, Japan’s leading business organization, the Task Force organized working groups on disaster relief and preparedness; economic recovery; energy strategy; health and recovery; lessons for the alliance; and strengthening civil society linkages. The report reflects working group deliberations and outlines Japan’s requirements and opportunities for bilateral cooperation in each of these areas.  


Keidanren Chairman Hiromasa Yonekura commented, “I welcome the excellent recommendations in this report and strongly endorse and share the vision for a revitalized bilateral partnership with the United States and a stronger future for Japan based on the vitality of the private sector and the people of Tohoku and all Japan.”


Please find a link to the CSIS Partnership for Recovery report by visiting


Please find a full list of the Task Force membership below:

  • Tim Adams, managing director, The Lindsey Group
  • Daniel Amos, chairman and CEO, Aflac Incorporated
  • Richard Armitage, president, Armitage International
  • Lori Bertman, president and CEO, Irene W. and C.B. Pennington Foundation
  • Brian Biles, professor, Department of Health Policy, School of Public Health, George Washington University
  • Christopher S. “Kit” Bond, chairman, Kit Bond Strategies
  • Joseph Booth, executive director, Stephenson Disaster Management Institute, LSU
  • Joseph Bosco, senior associate, CSIS
  • Myron Brilliant, senior vice president, International Affairs, U.S. Chamber of Commerce
  • J.D. Crouch II, president, Technology Solutions Group, QinetiQ North America
  • James Fatheree, president, US-Japan Business Council
  • Wallace Gregson, Lt. Gen. USMC (ret.); WC Gregson & Associates Inc.
  • John J. Hamre, president and CEO, CSIS
  • John Hopkins, group executive, Fluor Corporation
  • Chris Kubasik, president and chief operating officer, Lockheed Martin Corporation
  • Charles Lake, chairman, Aflac Japan
  • Randolph Martin, director at large for East Asia, Mercy Corps
  • J. Stephen Morrison, senior vice president and director, Global Health Policy Center, CSIS
  • Jane Nakano, fellow, Energy and National Security Program, CSIS
  • Thierry Porté, chairman, Japan-U.S. Friendship Commission
  • David Pumphrey, senior fellow and deputy director, Energy and National Security Program, CSIS
  • Stanley Roth, vice president, International Government Relations, The Boeing Company
  • Robin Sakoda, partner, Armitage International
  • Sheila A. Smith, senior fellow for Japan, Council on Foreign Relations
  • Michael Wallace, senior adviser, CSIS
  • Peter Watson, president and CEO, The Dwight Group LLC
  • Stacey White, senior research consultant, CSIS
  • Tadataka Yamada, former president, Global Health Program, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation


Task Force Directors:

  • Michael J. Green, senior adviser and Japan chair, CSIS; associate professor, Georgetown University
  • Kiyoaki Aburaki, visiting fellow, CSIS; U.S. Representative, Keidanren


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The Center for Strategic and International Studies, or CSIS, is a bipartisan, nonprofit organization founded in 1962 and headquartered in Washington, D.C. It seeks to advance global security and prosperity by providing strategic insights and policy solutions to decision makers.


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Posted on Thursday, November 17, 2011