March 5, 2018

There is a ‘supercolony’ of penguins on the Danger Islands in the Antarctic
Boston Globe 

A supercolony of penguins has been found near Antarctica
The New York Times 

There’s a penguin colony so large you can see it from space
New York Post

Vast penguin colony discovered by Stony Brook scientists

Scientists find mega-colony of Adelie Penguins in Antarctica

Supercolony of penguins spotted in NASA satellite imagery

Scientists discover secret ‘supercolony’ of penguins in Antarctica
The Week UK

Drones help find massive penguin colonies hiding in plain sight
News Deeply

Scientists discover penguin ‘super-colony’ so large you can see it from space

Virtual reality, augmented reality company becomes tenant at LSU business incubator
The Advocate

Talk of the town: TEDxLSU challenges community to #ThinkBR

Every planet has a story. You just need to dig.
The New York Times

LSU Vet School releasing "Mardi Goose" on Monday
BR Proud

Goose struck with arrow to be released back to LSU lakes

Researchers look to satsumas to help fight citrus canker disease

SG launches new website to promote Baton Rouge community
The Daily Reveille 

Louisiana Coastal Geohazard Atlas planned to better inform people of hazards
The Daily Reveille

Marketing junior works on film exploring drug addiction, overdose
The Daily Reveille

LSU Wildlife Hospital releases goose after impaled by an arrow; vet says not an isolated incident
The Advocate

'Mardi Goose’ is back on the loose; injured goose released after healing

The Daily Reveille

Cagnolatti inducted into LSU Hall of Distinction
Gonzales Weekly Citizen