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Hear them Roar: Voicing the Truth on Sexual Harassment in Media & Politics

Our national news features near-daily breaking stories of alleged sexual harassers and their victims, leaving some people stunned and others surprised it took this long for a national conversation to begin. Like other industries that wield power and money, media and politics are at the forefront of the conversation. LSU’s Manship School of Mass Communication convened media, government and law experts to discuss the role of these industries in building the sexual harassment structure and how they can serve as instruments of change.

Expert panelists drew on their backgrounds in practical and academic journalism, politics, law, and public relations to delve deeply into the national conversation on sexual harassment. Why did it take so long for this serious issue to come to light on the national agenda? What can media practitioners, interdisciplinary professionals, and ordinary citizens do to combat the cultural contexts that historically have turned a blind eye on these behaviors?

The panel, featuring Senator Mary Landrieu as moderator, Gloria Riviera, ABC News Correspondent and sexual harassment prevention activist for Press Forward; Sadie Wilks, public relations expert and Manship instructor; Steve Bien-Aime, Ph.D. and Manship Assistant Professor of journalism; Michelle Craig, legal expert on sexual harassment and Managing Partner for Transcendent Legal; and Amy Brittain, journalist for the Washington Post, sought answers to these and other questions.

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Senator Mary Landrieu

Senator Mary Landrieu moderates the panel on sexual harassment in media and politics

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