Research Affiliate - Lance Porter, Ph.D.

Lance Porter


Lance Porter is the Class of 1941 Alumni Professor and the founding Director of the Social Media Analysis and Creation (SMAC) Lab. Porter has focused on digital media since 1995, when he built his first commercial website. Before coming to LSU, Porter spent four years as executive director of digital marketing for Disney’s film studio. His research focuses on emerging media and power. He holds a joint appointment with LSU’s interdisciplinary Center for Computation and Technology (CCT), where he is the area lead in the cultural computing focus area.

The Reilly Center is supporting my project involving social media and disinformation. As part of the annual Breaux Symposium, the Reilly Center funded the travel of nine experts in social media and disinformation I recruited to travel to the Manship School to serve on several panels. In addition, the Reilly Center is supporting a book on the topic, providing funding to each of these scholars to contribute a chapter to a book I am editing to be published by the LSU Press.