Racism: Dismantling the System

The LSU Reilly Center for Media & Public Affairs, in partnership with Southern University's Nelson Mandela College of Government & Social Sciences, Louisiana Budget Project, NAACP Louisiana State Conference and LSU Office of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion is pleased to present Racism: Dismantling the System, an ongoing series of conversations about structural racism and solution-oriented action toward equal opportunity and justice in our communities. The series amplifies the voices of community advocates, academics, journalists and more working for social justice in our nation and beyond.

Separate And Unequal: The Legacy of Plessy v. Ferguson | August 31

Over 125 years after the United States Supreme Court ruled in the landmark Plessy v. Ferguson case, we are still experiencing the aftershocks of a system built to segregate and disenfranchise. The “separate but equal” doctrine spread through society to touch everything from public transportation to the education system. As we convene the third season of Racism: Dismantling the System, historians, journalists and legal experts will join us for a conversation on the long-standing effects that Plessy v. Ferguson has had on the systems and structures we are working to dismantle.

Anti-AAPI Racism and Its Effects | September 28

As the COVID-19 pandemic raged across the globe in 2020, divisive and racist rhetoric led to an alarming rise in hate crimes against Asian American Pacific Islander (AAPI) communities in the United States. But, anti-AAPI racism is not a result of this pandemic or even this rhetoric. Historically, AAPI communities have faced a multitude of systemic and institutionalized racism from exclusionary immigration policies to the use of Japanese internment camps in the wake of the Pearl Harbor bombings of 1942. Join us as activists, academics and journalists explore this complex history and how they have built thriving and vibrant communities that are integral to the fabric of the United States.

The Great Equalizer? How Policy Cemented Educational Inequity | October 26

Following the ruling in the Plessy v. Ferguson case, legal segregation based on race became the law of the land. The longstanding aftereffects of that ruling filtered into every aspect of our society, including the education system. In this episode, experts will discuss the “separate but equal” doctrine’s role in cementing educational inequity. We will delve into the misrepresentation of education as the great equalizer, and how the education system has been complicit in reproducing inequality, despite segregation ending in 1954 following the Brown v. Board of Education Supreme Court Ruling. 

The Role of Racial Justice in Mental Health Equity | November 16

In the season three finale of Racism: Dismantling the System, we explore inequities in mental healthcare in communities of color. In a recent article about the realities of the relationship between the mental health system in the United States and communities of color, Professors Ruth S. Shim, M.D., M.P.H. and Sarah Y. Vinson, M.D. break down the impact of structural racism and impacts of social injustice on access to resources, opportunities and basic protections for people of color in the United States. Join us as we host Dr. Shim and Dr. Vinson to learn more about their work and better understand how we can achieve mental health equity.