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Racism: Dismantling the System | The Great Equalizer? How Policy Cemented Educational Inequity | October 26

Following the ruling in the Plessy v. Ferguson case, legal segregation based on race became the law of the land. The longstanding aftereffects of that ruling filtered into every aspect of our society, including the education system. In this episode, experts will discuss the “separate but equal” doctrine’s role in cementing educational inequity. We will delve into the misrepresentation of education as the great equalizer, and how the education system has been complicit in reproducing inequality, despite segregation ending in 1954 following the Brown v. Board of Education Supreme Court Ruling.

Panelists Include: 

  • Xavier Kent, Moderator, LSU Student

  • Albert Samuels, Ph.D., Chair of Department of Political Science, Southern University

  • Erica Frankenberg, Ph.D., Director of Center for Education and Civil Rights, Penn State University

  • A.P. Tureaud, Jr., Board Member, Plessy & Ferguson Foundation

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