2021 Women in Sports Summit | March 18, 2021

2020 brought many wins for women in the sports industry. From the success of women’s leagues in returning to play after a global pandemic effectively shut down the entire sector for months to women being promoted to some of the highest leadership positions within the industry, there has been a shift in the sports industry that has the potential to change how we view women in what is typically considered a male-dominated space. Join the Reilly Center for the 2021 Women in Sports Summit hosted by Manship Alumnae and Co-Hosts of The Southeastern Podcast, Caroline Fenton and Kennedi Landry as we explore the many roles that women play in sport.


Evening the Playing Field: A Look at Gender Equity in Women’s Sports | 2:30 p.m. CST

As the popularity of professional women’s sports has risen over the years, it has not happened without some difficulties. Today, women’s athletics receive far less media support, league funding, and experience large discrepancies between minimum player salaries and team salary cap limits as compared to men’s professional leagues. With just 4% of national coverage on women’s sports and only four professional leagues in the United States, there is a conspicuous lack of investment in women’s contributions to the sports industry. Despite this, female athletes have continued to thrive due to the tireless work of the journalists, commentators, coaches, athletes, and businesspeople committed to evening the playing field and allowing for greater representation in all arenas of sport. 


  • Liz Dalton, Director of Operations and Player Affairs, National Women's Soccer League
  • Cheri Kempf, Senior Director, Athletes Unlimited
  • Tyler Tumminia, Commissioner, National Women's Hockey League

From the Sideline to the Front Office and Everywhere In Between: The Rising Roles of Women in Male-Dominated Sports | 4:00 p.m. CST

Although it was not always the case, with legendary figures like Doris Burke and Erin Andrews changing the face of sideline reporting, young women of today can grow up with aspirations of working in a field related to men’s professional sports. As we see more women step into professional coaching roles, high level front office leadership and even ownership across men’s sports, what are some of the challenges they face? We will bring together journalists, communications professionals and women working across the board in men’s sports to learn more about the shifting tide in the sports industry. 


  • Celeste Gehring, Senior Remote Operations Manager, New England Sports Network
  • Aryanna Prasad, Staff Writer Seattle Seahawks, Sports Illustrated
  • Jourdan Williams, Assistant Media Counsel, NASCAR