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  • With every Tiger who purchases a plate, more scholarship dollars are available to support LSU students.

  • If you or your spouse is an LSU alumnus, your plate purchase is included in LSU’s alumni giving participation rate, which impacts LSU’s standing in national rankings like U.S. News & World Report’s Best Colleges. 

Meet Just a Handful of the LSU Students Supported by Your Generous Participation

Photo: Malachi

Malachi Pursley

Hometown: Baton Rouge, La.
Major: Architecture

What is your proudest accomplishment at LSU so far?
My proudest accomplishments so far are being elected the director of public relations for the AIAS and being the first student at LSU to receive the William Randolph Hearst Endowed Scholarship for Minority Students.

What extracurricular programs are you involved in?
I am involved with American Institute of Architecture Students, intramurals, and research programs throughout campus. As the director of public relations in the AIAS LSU Chapter, I maintain and control all social media aspects for the club and promote the many campus events put on by the AIAS.

What are your future career aspirations?
I plan to own my own architecture and civil engineering consultant firm, which will dominate the construction, development, and design aspects of structures and buildings. To achieve these goals, I plan on acquiring a dual
degree in civil engineering and architecture to allow me to work on both sides: developing and design. I plan on acquiring summer internships and attending summer school to complete the course work in a timely manner.

How has your enrollment in the Honors College enhanced your LSU experience?
The Honors College has opened my eyes to the extensive opportunities to become involved in the surrounding community and the numerous opportunities for internships and scholarships available.

What do you like to do for fun on LSU’s campus?
I enjoy playing intramural soccer and throwing the Frisbee on the parade ground. I also enjoy hanging with friends in the Union or attending a football game on Saturday.


Photo: Lucy

Lucy Simon

Hometown: Metairie, La.
Major: Business-Psychology

What is your proudest accomplishment at LSU so far?
Without a doubt, my proudest accomplishment at LSU is competing for and earning the Stamps scholarship. I remind myself everyday that this scholarship is not just a gift. It’s an opportunity to grow, learn, experience life, and give back.

How has your enrollment in the Honors College enhanced your LSU experience?
Not only do we have smaller and more challenging classes, but I have the wonderful opportunity to get to know my fellow Honors classmates and professors. I look forward to class discussions because they are engaging, interesting, and thought provoking. I relish in the idea that I am being challenged by each Honors college student, who is just as intelligent and dedicated to his or her school work as the next.

What extracurricular programs are you involved in?
I am a member of Pi Beta Phi and am actively engaged in my chapter. Our philanthropy is literacy and we promote the program “Read, Lead, Achieve,” which helps children to learn and improve their reading skills. This partners nicely with my dedication to a private tutoring business I started early-on in college, focusing on helping fellows students learn and succeed in their classes. I am also a Stephenson Entrepreneurship Fellow, which focuses on networking and working alongside fellow entrepreneurial-minded students, faculty, and business men and women to foster leadership and cultivate innovation within the LSU community and the greater business world.

What do you like to do for fun on LSU’s campus?
I love game days because I am surrounded by everyone I care about: My friends, my family, and the LSU
community. I cannot imagine missing a game or being part of any other school community.


Photo: Abishek

Abishek Stanley

Hometown: Pineville, La. 
Major: Biological Engineering

What is your proudest accomplishment at LSU so far, and what goals do you have for the remainder of your time at LSU?
LSU has given me the chance to flourish in the areas that I have always considered my strengths. My proudest accomplishment at LSU would have to be becoming the captain of the debate team. To lead a debate team representing a college of over 30,000 students is something that I will forever remember. As the assistant director of Diversity, member of chess team, a researcher in the biological engineering department, and a member of the Indian dance team, I have many goals for my remaining time at LSU including, but not limited to enhancing diverse mindsets on our campus through policy measures, making the chess team nationally competitive, getting a publication in nanoparticle research, and implementing an organization on campus that visits nursing and hospice homes.

How do you intend to use your Stamps scholar enrichment funds?
My STAMPS funds have allowed me to study abroad in the UK, attend a national conference of fellow STAMPS scholars, and play a vital role in the Naval Academy Engineering challenge, where global challenges were addressed by young innovators. These accomplishments on paper pale in comparison to the experience I have gained with this opportunity to travel and explore the world. Seeing as I’m going into the medical field, I plan on using my remaining enrichment funds next summer either in India or New Zealand working as part of their hospital system to understand how health care functions around the world.

What are your future career aspirations?
I plan on going into the field of dermatology or pediatric neurosurgery. Once I’ve completed my training, I would like to take on an administrative as chief of surgery, or own my own practice. These are lofty ambitions for sure, but with the training the STAMPS funding has allowed me to receive I firmly believe that I am capable of meeting these goals.

What is something about you that may surprise others?
I can speak two languages fluently; English and Tamil. English wasn’t even my first language!