Thank You for Attending the 2016 LaHEC Annual Summit!


2016 LaHEC Professional Development Summit Presentations:

Marijuana Use & Related Functional Impairment Among College Students: The Impact of Anxiety - Dr. Julia Buckner

What is SBIRT? - Dr. Catherine Lemieux

HBCU Perspective on AOD Prevention Programming, Behavioral Workforce Development, & Recovery - Chantel Gant

Louisiana Partnerships for Success - LaPFS - Amber Slater

Louisiana DFC Grantees - Dr. Murelle Harrison

When Causes Intersect: Collaboration Across SAP & Regional SHSP Coalitions - Dortha Cummins

Bystander Intervention Approach - Sierra Fowler

Baton Rouge City Court: Sobriety Court - Richard Bromfield



2015 LaHEC Professional Development Summit Presentations:

"2015 Core Survey Results: Examining the Louisiana Consortium" by Laura A. Rowald, Ph.D.

"Motivational Interviewing" by Raime Thibodeaux, M.A., LPCS, NCC

"Establishing a Collegiate Recovery Community (CRC) at LSU" by Allison Smith, MPA & Shelley Lee, MPH

"Sexual Violence 101" by Rebecca Marchiafava

"SAMSHA'S Current and Future Direction for Prevention in Higher Education" by Rich Lucey


2014 LaHEC Professional Development Summit Presentations:

“The Fresh Campus Initiative: Creating Tobacco-Free Campuses” by Tonia Moore, MBA

“Well Ahead”  by JT Lane

“Setting the Stage for Veteran Student Success” by Darrell Ray, Ph.D. and Adam Jennings

“Implementing Data-driven Substance Abuse Plans in Higher Education”  by Allison Smith, MPA

“Serving our LGBTQ Students with Substance Use Issues” by Capi Landreneau, LCSW

“Fulfilling the Requirements of the Drug Free Schools and Campuses Mandate”  by Eric S. Davidson, Ph.D.