Sample Announcement for Churches –

The LSU Post-Katrina Community Survey





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Help us take stock of what has happened in our Church Community and Greater New Orleans since Hurricane Katrina!


It has been over a year since Hurricane Katrina struck our community.  Our church is partnering with LSU in Baton Rouge to help us take stock of what we’ve gone through, what we’ve accomplished, and what challenges still remain.  Pastor asks all of us (all adults in your household 18 and older) to participate in a survey conducted with full privacy and confidentiality by the LSU Survey Lab.  It will survey both congregants who have returned and those who are still displaced, to help us learn about the needs and strengths of our church community. 


We will distribute the survey after services, or you can pick up a copy from the Church office.  Please fill it out and return it to Church next time you come to services or to the office.


Alternatively, you can complete the survey at the website,  (That’s LSU-Katrina-Survey dot com, written as one word.)  Click on the Church survey link for the civil parish you lived in when the hurricane struck.  Anyone without Internet access may have another person assist them in answering questions and reporting responses. 


We look forward to learning more about our church community! 


HELP US SPREAD THE WORD: Please contact your family and friends who were congregants of our Church when the hurricane struck, and ask them to participate, too – even if they’ve moved away!  They can take the survey at the website above.